From Food Phobia to Food Network

March 31, 2010 by nohandsbutours oral-motor delays, Sensory Processing Issues, TongguMomma 8 Comments

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  1. Love Letters To China says:


    Excellent post! My bio daughter had a few (by no means all) of the same eating issues when she was young. I wish I would have known some of those techniques. Maybe she would be a better eater today. She has a big issue with texture and will never try anything new. I'm hoping as she grows older, she will succumb to her Italian heritage and start eating everything in sight (okay maybe that's not good either.) 😉

    On the other hand, my little boy will try and eat anything and everything. :-)

  2. bbmomof2boys says:

    Been there…done some of that. Little T didn't know how to chew her food. How can a 26 month old child NOT know how to chew food???? Her bottle from China had a huge hole in the nipple so the milk just flowed down her throat (and chin). Once we got home we worked on her chewing. She caught on quicker than I thought. While out and about one day she got into my purse (imagine that!) and got some gum. The sales lady said – in a very concerned voice – oh no, she's got gum! I said huh? turned around and sure enough she was CHEWING the gum. I started crying! The sales lady thought I was just nuts.

    Textures never bothered her but the hoarding? Oh yeah – she would walk around with food in her hands for months! And she would also keep it in her cheeks. Still does. Side note – Big T got hit by a car when he was little and went to the hospital. While in the ER the doctor asked what he had in his mouth – it was part of his PB&J sandwhich he had had hours earlier!!

    Oral motor – we are still working on that – peanut butter, sticking tongue out, blowing bubbles – working very very hard on it!


  3. Myrnie says:

    I'm crying, thinking about two brand new parents working and praying for months with their little girl. There are so many things to learn in this world, aren't there?

  4. Kristi says:

    Thank you for posting this. My new niece has issues with eating until she is sick (they were told ahead of time and my sister has witnessed it a few times) and I'm sending her the link to this article right now. Both for encouragement and ideas of the regimented eating schedule.
    Thanks for posting!

  5. Mama King says:

    Tonggu Mama, I had to jump over here after checking in on your blog. Like little T our Em has a variety of Oral Motor challenges. She has overcome a lot of them but we still have to remind her to chew, swallow and say ahhh. There is the daily, OMG Em is choking scares and mealtime is always an adventure. Thanks for sharing!

  6. LucisMomma says:

    "Twice as a toddler she over-ate to the point of spitting up."

    My DD did this quite a few times with her bottles–just gorge and then throw up. Can't tell you how often, but more than a few. Yuck. She could only take in about 4 ounces when we got her, at age 9 1/2 months. How sad that that's probably all that she was fed each time–not enough. And too thin. Not even on American charts.

    Just today I have been rejoicing because our DD has FINALLY tasted broccoli, corn (TWO kernels!!), guacamole, black olive, enchilada (not spicy at all) and Spanish rice (again, not spicy). Notice I said "tasted," not "ate a whole piece" or "more than a couple of bites." Those new tastes have all been in the last 24 hours. HAPPY DANCE. She's 5 1/2 now. I was sure to point out how happy I was that she was brave and tried them, and I also pointed out that she "lived to tell the tale." LOL

  7. The Drinkwaters says:

    I remember when we would give our daughter little bits of rice in China. She would chew and suck on those few grains of rice for hours. How the rice did not disintegrate in mouth I do not know. Since coming home, at times she will still pocket food in her cheeks.

    Our food challenges center on biting (as well as a few certain textures). In short, she doesn't like to bite food off, so most of her food is cut into small pieces.

    You would think this isn't such a big deal, but if she sees something she wants she will stuff the entire piece of toast (or banana, watermelon,sandwich,granola bar,slice of apple ect) into her mouth – thus choking.

    We are working with an OT on encouraging her to try to take small bites, and she is having quite a bit of success.

    I smiled when reading about you asking her to open her mouth and show you if it was empty and modeling for her, brings back lots of memories.

  8. a little leprechaun says:

    Thank you so much for sharing!

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