next shared list

The next shared list is scheduled to be released tonight, January 21st, US time, January 22nd China time. Wonderful news for all families waiting to be matched!

Congratulations to all families in the Special Needs program, whether you find your child on shared list, the Special Focus list or an individual agency list… it’s always wonderful when children find their forever family!

If you have recently been matched with your special needs child, please feel free to share your news. We’d love to celebrate with you!


  1. Oh and my dear friend Alison also accepted a referral a few weeks ago on a little girl with albinism! She is from one of Lifeline’s partnership orphanages. I don’t know how often Alison gets on this site, so I know she won’t mind me sharing her exciting news either.

  2. We were matched with our baby girl last Friday from the shared list! Our agency is Lifeline. We are beyond excited and eagerly wait for the time we can bring her home.

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