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Chinese law forbids adoption after the age of fourteen. The children highlighted below will all lose the chance of having a family by November or December of this year. A family would need to either be very close to having dossier sent to China or already be logged in with China to race to beat their birthdays.

Although expediting the adoption of these children may seem daunting, it can be done and many kids have been adopted within days or hours of aging out.

Read this fabulous article to find out more about the adoption of older Chinese orphans.

Meet Lenny.


Lenny is a clever child who faces life optimistically every day. He is very patient with other children and never quarrels with them. He is very interested in the world around him. He is abright, curious child who always asks why. He is fond of reading and playing educational computer programs, such as Knowledge for the Children and Quick Thinking and so on. He can read the words in the books very fluently. He is able to recognize about 800 to 1000 words, master pinyin and is able to use the dictionary to find the words he doesn’t know.

He is still waiting for a family and wants a family SO badly! Lenny has a sensitive special need that has been surgically corrected. Here are some recent videos of him:

This child will be aging out December 1 of this year so he is in urgent need of a family to come forward very soon! He wants a family of his own and often asks if one is coming to get him!

You can read more about him here.

Meet Erika.


Beautiful Erika needs a family that is already LID to race to bring her home BEFORE mid November. She has a grant with Reese’s Rainbow (where she is known as Erin) of almost $3000.00 toward her adoption!

Erin needs to be adopted before she turns 14 in November, or she will forever lose her chance of having a family. Erin is a smiling 13 year old girl who has been diagnosed with aural atresia of both ears, auricle deformity, and delays in intelligence and growth development. She was admitted to the institute as a baby, and has been there since. She is able to help with chores such as sweeping the floor.

Her language development is limited, but she can say goodbye to others and can understand gestures. Erika gets along well with her classmates and is closest to her caretakers. She is a sweet girl that likes to be cuddled and enjoys playing with her good friends. Could she be your daughter?

Meet Mindy.


Mindy is a beautiful girl who has only a very short time (early December) before she can be adopted! This incredibly sweet girl is 13 years old, has moderate cerebral palsy and requires a wheelchair to get around. She was abandoned at age 6, but in spite of that, has a very optimistic and thankful spirit. She sings as she goes about her day, accepts correction well, is honest, has good judgment, is talkative and friendly, and is a good communicator. Her speech is clear and she is working hard on her English, saying, “Hello everyone, my name is Mindy. I hope I will have a family, have daddy, mommy, brothers and sisters. I am a girl who has a ready smile.” She attends school at the orphanage and is said to have a great thirst for learning and excellent study habits. She lives in a good orphanage, and will continue to leve there for the rest of her life unless adopted. Please consider this child, she has the potential to be a truly beloved daughter! Could she be yours?

Meet Stephanie.


Precious Stephanie needs a family who is already LID to rush to her before she ages out on December 3. Stephanie is described by her caretakers as a well-behaved, lovely, and quiet girl. She is quite healthy and is able to care for her own needs. She helps with the chores and helps take care of younger children.

Stephanie is behind in her communication skills. She is said to be introverted and did not adjust well to the special education program that she was in for a short time. Therefore, she has had very little schooling. We pray that this sweet girl is able to find a loving family who can provide her with the education that she needs and help her meet her potential!

These aging out kids are all on the shared list and many have reduced adoption fees. The orphanage donation is often waived for these urgent situations. Many agencies have been successful in the expedited adoption of aging out children.

The following family blogs may be an encouragement to families considering adding an aging out child to their family:

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