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Jonathan is an extremely joyful five year old. His smile lights up the room. He has been in foster care in Hunan through Love Without Boundaries for the past three years. He attends kindergarten. His special needs are scoliosis, hand and ear deformities. His needs do not slow him down at all. He is making great strides and hoping for a family to call his own. He has waited for a family for a very long time. Could he be your son?

He is highlighted on the Love Without Boundaries blog:
Jonathan’s Sweet Song
Picking Flowers with Jonathan

Timmyupdate: Timmy has been matched with a forever family!


Please meet Timmy, a sweet four year old boy described by his caregivers as active, likes other children, is fond of his caregivers, loves music and enjoys playing outside. Timmy has a large-sized pigmented nevi on his whole body with a neurofibroma on his hip. In March of 2013, he was 97 cm tall, weighed 14.5 kg, his head measured 49 cm, and his chest measured 50 cm. His biggest dream is to have a mama and family of his own. He will undoubtedly be a blessing to the family who chooses to bring him home!

Families who have adopted children with Congenital Nevi:
We Were Led to You
Room for One More



Meet this gorgeous nine year old boy who has been waiting for a family for a very long time! Silas is described as an outgoing child with a history of congenital cataracts. He enjoys learning English and has a wonderful memory for learning. He has a very good appetite, likes a variety of foods and loves music. Silas is smart, happy and eager to learn. His vision is limited due to the cataracts and he struggles to write and see at a distance. His need for a family who can provide medical treatment for his eyes as well as a loving home grows more urgent each day that he waits. Being a part of a family who loves him and can provide for his needs is his greatest desire. Silas was previously designated to Dillon International, but has now been released back to the Shared List. He is therefore available for adoption through any agency (although Dillon still has a copy of his file as well). He was born March of 2004.

Families who have adopted children with vision impairment:
Bilby Bunch
Learning Patience

Dillon International currently has the files for these three boys. Contact waitingchild@dillonadopt.com for more information.

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