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Brittany is eleven years old and described as very bright. She is an excellent student who loves to learn. She is fond of drawing, listening to music, playing with puzzles, watching cartoons and reading. Her favorite toys are Barbie dolls. She has Cerebral Palsy, anemia, and uses a wheelchair for transportation. She gets along with other children well, and is happy to share toys. She likes to laugh and make others laugh. Brittany is adored by her caretakers. She will surely be a huge blessing to the family who decides to bring her into their home!

She has a $5,000 agency grant and her orphanage donation will be significantly reduced, or possibly even waived if a family formally asks. She has an account on Reece’s Rainbow as Brilynn.

Families who has adopted children with cerebral palsy:
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Joyce is now 13 years old and needs to be adopted before her 14th birthday. She has less than one year to find her family and for them to be in China to bring her home! Joyce is a darling girl with repaired cleft lip and palate and mild scoliosis. She has the cutest dimples when she smiles. Shriner’s Hospitals would provide free medical treatment for her scoliosis, if needed.

Joyce is outgoing and active. She is motivated in her school studies, participates in a variety of activities, likes playing with other children, and asks teachers for help when she has trouble. Joyce understands what it means to be adopted and to be part of a family. She looks forward to having her own family soon. Joyce has a $2,000 agency grant for her adoption. She also has a new account on Reece’s Rainbow.

Please help spread the word about Joyce!

Here is a great resource for families considering adopting a child with cleft lip and palate.

Families who have adopted children who have cleft lip and palate:
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Lenny is an eleven year old who is full of personality. He is deaf and in the care of China Little Flower Foster Home. He communicates with people through sign language. He goes to a special training school. People who know him always say that Lenny has the face of an actor, good body for dancing, wisdom for being a scientist, but, how sad that he was abandoned by his parents. He entered a foster family in 2005. He is spoiled & loved by his foster parents. He has many varied interests. He is curious about the world around him and empathetic toward others. He is creative and is a problem solver! He is very intelligent with computer, likes cars, toy guns, cartoons, and building blocks. His favorite restaurant is KFC. He has a good relationship with the foster dad. He is smart and willing to help with housework and is very polite too. When he goes to buy groceries with the foster mom, he always points to the heaviest thing and says to the mom, “I am superman, I will help you carry it.

He has a large agency grant. He also has an account on Reece’s Rainbow.

Resources for families adopting children with hearing impairment:
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These children are currently designated to Madison Adoption Associates. Contact them at (302) 475-8977 or email sara@madisonadoption.com for more information.

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