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Chinese law forbids adoption after the age of fourteen. The children highlighted below will all lose the chance of having a family by November or December of this year. A family would need to either be very close to having dossier sent to China or already be logged in with China to race to beat their birthdays.

Although expediting the adoption of these children may seem daunting, it can be done and many kids have been adopted within days or hours of aging out.

Read this wonderful article to find out more about the adoption of older Chinese orphans.

Meet Adalai

Adalai is one bright young lady who still waits for her forever family! She will soon age out of the adoption system in January and needs a family who is highly motivated to work through the paperwork quickly. While she may seem shy at first, she is lively and easily makes friends in a familiar environment. Adalai truly has a kind spirit and has said that she very much wishes to be adopted. When she was asked why she wanted to be adopted she answered, “Because I really want a family”.

Adalai lived with a foster family for two years. When her foster family had an emergency she was sent back to the orphanage and has lived there for the last 8 years. Adalai often volunteers to help her teachers as well as other students, was elected as student of the week, and gets along well with her classmates. Adalai loves to sing, run, play games, weave bracelets, draw beautiful pictures, and as any teenage girl her age… loves Hong Kong dramas!


Adalai is a fantastic artist, has a beautiful voice and truly wants to find a forever family. She is active in school, leads other children in exercise classes, and works hard to improve her academic abilities. Her orphanage describes Adalai as lovely, lively, and liked by everybody.

Her last trip to the doctor for testing reported all normal findings indicating that she has fully recovered from the HBV virus. Adalai suffers from a mild degree of disturbance in her language ability and a moderate degree of operation capabilities. The orphanage believes this is because she has been brought up in an institution and did not receive sufficient early education. Despite all this, Adalai has shown great progress in math, reading, writing, and mathematics. This young girl will thrive when she finds her forever family!

Children’s House International currently has Adalai’s file but they are willing to transfer it to another agency if a family is ready to move forward for her. Please help us make Adalai’s dream for a family come true!

Watch Adalai’s video here.

Meet Dawn

Dawn is a special girl who needs her family to find her fast! She will age out and lose her chance for a family in February. Dawn is a sweet girl that loves everything little girls enjoy! She loves to be held and is often content to just curl up and snuggle with people she feels safe with; she often does not even need to be talking in order to be having fun. She enjoys playing with toys and has a remarkable attention span for games that require concentration. Her personality is radiant, touching the hearts of all who get to know her!


When given the chance, she enjoys nurturing and holding babies. Dawn’s best friend is Tommy who has been in physical therapy with her ever since she came to the orphanage. Dawn has cerebral palsy that affects all her motor skills. She is able to walk, talk, and feed herself. Dawn’s memory is excellent, and she is able to understand everything that is said to her. Dawn would thrive in a family that loves her unconditionally! Dawn is on the shared list. Her orphanage really wants her to find a family!

Watch Dawn’s video from March 2013.

Meet Weston

Weston is on the shared list and needs to find his family quickly before he ages out in February! His special need is listed as mentally retarded. They likely meant delays or learning disability. He has recently had mild seizures that are being controlled by medications.


From an advocate who met him in July: “This is a very sweet boy. He is VERY athletic and excels in skating, skiing and ping pong. One of the volunteers I was with played a game of ping pong with him and we couldn’t believe how calm he was – this boy is in his element in competitive sports! When the volunteer scored on him he gave her a shy smile. His physical education teacher said that he can be slow to learn new things but he can learn! I’m guessing he has a slight learning disability in school – he seemed like a normal kid to me. We were told that he very recently started having mild seizures but they are being controlled with medication. The staff told us that Weston is very helpful and assists his foster mom with the laundry and cleaning at home.”


This boy will be such a blessing for his forever family! Let’s pray that his family finds him soon!

More photos and information about Weston can be found here.

The following resources may be of inspiration to families considering adding an aging out child to their family:

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If you don’t have an adoption agency, and have questions about possible next steps in adopting an aging-out child, please email our Advocacy Team.

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