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Chinese law forbids adoption after the age of fourteen. The children highlighted below will all lose the chance of having a family by November or December of this year. A family would need to either be very close to having dossier sent to China or already be logged in with China to race to beat their birthdays.

Although expediting the adoption of these children may seem daunting, it can be done and many kids have been adopted within days or hours of aging out.

Read this wonderful article to find out more about the adoption of older Chinese orphans.

Meet Mason


What a precious face! Sweet Mason needs his family to find him quickly and run to him before he ages out in March of 2014! He is on the shared list so any agency can obtain his file. Those who have met Mason describe him as a docile and polite child. He is a thinker and loves to ask questions and learn new things. He is a passionate person who enjoys playing with other children. At first Mason seems introverted, but he opens up once he has warmed up to people. Mason is comfortable with routine and can do things within his ability. He knows right from wrong and is said to be clever, active, and has lots of close friends.

Mason’s special need is dwarfism. There is a chance that he may be misdiagnosed and that he is just short in stature but a family needs to be prepared for dwarfism. Mason is able to run quickly and steadily and is able to jump on the steps. He has a good imagination and is good at drawing. He is also able to write some characters. What a wonderful addition Mason will be to his new family!

Meet Ruby


This beautiful girl will be aging out and needs to find her family before February of 2014! Her file is on the shared list. After Ruby arrived at the orphanage, she adapted very well. She gets along with the nannies and the other children very well. She is said to be polite, open, and active and she gets along well with everyone around her. Ruby has had the opportunity to take the special education classes that are offered in the orphanage. She especially enjoys singing and drawing. Ruby’s special need is post-surgery meningomyelocele and her right foot is turned in. Ruby says that she is treated very well at the orphanage. She loves the orphanage and the nannies that take care of her, however she is ready and willing to be adopted by her new family!

Meet Sunny


Wonderful Sunny needs her family to find her soon, before she turns 14 and ages out in March of 2014! Her file is on the shared list. Sunny is described as a positive and active child. She has good self-care ability and gets along well with others. She currently attends school and gets along well with her classmates. Her favorite activities are dancing and playing sports.

A mom who adopted Sunny’s foster brother says, “She was my son’s foster sister until we adopted him in May, 2012. She is very loving towards her younger siblings. Not a day goes by that he doesn’t talk about her. She is an orphanage that has only completed 3 international adoptions.” Sunny’s special need is post-operative congenital cleft lip and palate. Could Sunny be the blessing your family is looking for?

The following resources may be of inspiration to families considering adding an aging out child to their family:

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If you don’t have an adoption agency, and have questions about possible next steps in adopting an aging-out child, please email our Advocacy Team.

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