waiting child highlight: limb differences

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I am Tina, one of the Advocacy Coordinators for NHBO. I have an adopted son who was born with limb differences. It is amazing to see all the things he can do just as well as any other child. Here is a recent picture of him:

Tina's son

Tina’s son

Meet three adorable waiting children who were born with limb differences. They need a loving home who can get them the care and treatment they need. They are Special Focus children and have been awarded grants to help with the cost of their adoptions. If you would like further information on this special need or on any of these children, please contact me here.

Ronda was born in August 2008. She is a timid little sweetheart who likes listening to music and playing with other children. She’s is a little thin, in spite of her good appetite and willingness to eat lots of different kinds of foods. She’s being treated for cerebral palsy and has done well, making great improvements in both cognitive and motor functions. She now walks by herself with an uneven gait, uses her hands deftly, and eats and dresses by herself. Although she’s still behind her peers, she speaks in sentences of about four characters, and is starting to learn colors. She lives with a foster family where she’s particularly attached to her foster dad and sister. There is a $4,000 Promise Child grant for eligible families for this adoption.

Tommy will be three in January of 2014 and is the most adorable boy you have ever seen. As of his last report, dated May of 2012 when he was 16 months old, he could turn his head toward sounds and laughed loudly when teased. In order to sit up, he needed to use both hands on the ground to support himself. His upper limbs are flexible and strong; he can pick up paper with his finger and thumb and can build a tower 8 blocks high. His caregivers characterize him as gentle and interested in colorful toys with sounds and balls. He has scoliosis and limb differences in one leg but he appears to be developing normally. There is a $2000 Promise Child Grant available to qualified families to assist with this adoption.

Walt was born in July of 2004. He is an enthusiastic learner who does well in school and always finishes his homework before moving on to other activities. His limb difference on his right foot does not affect his life – he can walk, jump, and be independent in his daily care. He can make his bed, wash himself, and help with chores. Though he is shy in front of strangers, he thoroughly enjoys playing with other children. He likes to watch TV, play computer games, and his favorite toys are cars. There is a $4000 Promise Child Grant available to eligible families to assist with this adoption.

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