waiting child highlight: spina bifida

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Meet Anthony


Anthony is a sweet boy with a wonderful foster family. He was born April of 2009. He has had surgery to correct his meningocele and hydrocephalus. His foster family enjoys having him in their home because he is sweet, uses kind words, and is a very happy,. He likes being held and likes all kinds of toys. He is energetic, fond of playing games with other children, he gets along well with others, and he can share his food and toys with other children. At the age of two he could walk holding on to hand rails.

Anthony is on the shared list. He is available to families and single women working with any agency. He has waited a long time for a family, could he be your son?

Meet Mila


Sweet Mila has waited for a family her whole life. She has had surgery for hydrocephalus and spina bifida. She also has bilateral lower limb paralysis and urinary incontinence. She is wheelchair dependent. She is reportedly cognitively intact. She was born in January of 2008. She lives with a foster family where she has seen many of her foster siblings be adopted. She wishes she could have a family of her own as well. She gets sad because she can’t go out and play with the other children.

Her file is rather outdated and could use an update. A family or single woman interested in adopting her could request an update through their agency. She is on the shared list.

Meet Lucy

2007, June, Lucy

Lucy is a sweet six year old with post-operative congenital meningocele and tethered cord syndrome. She lives with a foster family in a nice apartment within the orphanage and attends a Little Sisters Half The Sky preschool. She is on target with the other children her age and is described as an outgoing, energetic, optimistic and a “very sunny child.” They say she has very good upper limb development which we also observed in our play with her. She is wheelchair dependent and desperately desires a family of her own!

Lucy is curently listed with Adoption Associates Inc (AAI)- MI, although they are willing to discuss releasing her file to a difference agency.

Read more about Lucy here.

Meet Lynette

2007, March, Lynette

Lynette is a delightful six year old girl who is full of life. She lives with a foster family in an apartment within her orphanage and attends a Half The Sky preschool program and has therapy available to her regularly in her orphanage from both her trained teachers and her foster mother. The staff told us that she has been making great strides and had just started walking with the assistance of a walker earlier this year!

Lynette is now on the shared list.

Read more about Lynette here.

Resources for families interested in adopting a child with spina bifida:
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Families who have adopted children with spina bifida:
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For questions on starting the adoption process contact the Advocacy Team.

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