waiting child highlight: focus on boys

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Do you have room in your heart for a boy? For more information on adopting boys, read this article by Love Without Boundaries and watch this video.

Meet Lyle


Lyle is a lively four-year old who enjoys dancing and listening to music and is reportedly on-target developmentally. He was found at a hospital gate on approximately his birth date and was soon after sent to a social welfare institute. In February 2011 he joined a foster family and adjusted quickly. Lyle will open his arms and approach familiar people to cuddle, is afraid of strangers, and seeks his foster mother for comfort. On admission, Lyle was found to have hypospadias and later found to have a chromosomal abnormality. Additionally, he tested positive for beta-thalassemia trait. Lyle gets along well with his foster family and calls for his foster mom and sister. He is an active preschooler who enjoys outdoor activities. Lyle waits for an adoptive family who is comfortable with his special needs and has the resources that he needs. Lyle is waiting on the shared list.

Meet Parker


Parker is a three year old who has been diagnosed bilateral clubbed feet, scoliosis, and poor peripheral circulation of both lower limbs. He has not received treatment for his conditions; however he has good physical development. Parker is able to walk with holding rails and can cooperate when putting on and off clothing. Parker is able to imitates drawing vertical lines and is able to holds a pen with his full hand and can scribbles. He is also able to turn the book pages one by one. His mental development is normal and he can speak simple language. At the time his file was prepared, Parker could ask “what is this” and could speak in sentences of 3-5 words. Parker is very active and talkative and always has a ready smile. He likes music and playing games. Parker gets along great with the other children and enjoys playing with balls the best!

Parker is on the shared list and available to any agency.

Meet Skippy


Skippy is an adorable eleven year old boy with a great smile. He is diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy of the right side. He’s sweet, happy go lucky, and outgoing. He needs a patient family who will help him focus and work through his challenges. Skippy is physically very able, but needs some help in school and a mom and dad who will help and give him the attention he needs instead of giving up. Skippy also loves superheros. This is a typical picture of Skippy, as he laughs a lot! He is such a sweet boy who sincerely enjoys life to its fullest. He wants a family of his own and would make a very sweet, loving son. He would bring a lot of fun and laughter into a family. Skippy steals the heart of those who meet him. He lives in a phenomenal foster home near Beijing. His special need is fairly mild and Skippy is fully functional in his daily life. He would thrive in a family.

Skippy is waiting on the shared list.

Meet Michael


This sweet little guy was born January of 2009. His file and his picture are several years old. A family or single woman pursuing him could easily request an update. His special need is deformity of the upper limbs and VSD. He has waited a long time for a family to come forward for him. A girl with this special need would more than likely already have a family. A family is needed to step forward and change the life of this sweet four year old. Could that family be yours?

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