waiting child highlight: girls

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Meet Daniela


Born March of 2006, sweet Daniela is waiting on the shared list. She is listed as having Cerebral Palsy. Daniela is in foster care in the countryside near the orphanage. She has normal communication with her foster mother and people she is familiar with. Her personality is a bit introverted. She likes to play with other children in the neighborhood, but due to her gentle personality, some children would bully her during play, so her foster mother sometimes does not allow her to go out. She is well-behaved and follows directions. She is now attending school. She has waited for a family for a long time. Could this precious girl be your daughter?

Meet Yana


Yana will turn four years old in January. She is waiting on the shared list and can be adopted by a family or single heterosexual woman working with any agency. She is listed as having Cerebral Palsy. She needs someone to love her and help her overcome the obstacles that she will face in her life with this diagnosis. She has cheery eyes and loves to watch what goes on around her. Could your family be the one to bring her home and give her the love and attention she needs?

Meet Jenny


Jenny is a delightful twelve year old with myopia and strabismus. Her file also states that she has Down Syndrome, although this may be a misdiagnosis or an error in translation. She is also waiting on the shared list. She understands cause and effect, and can easily explain it to others. She can express her own opinions and ideas. Jenny is in primary school. She gets along well with her classmates and takes an active part in activities at school. She has difficulty looking at the board as well as reading and writing because of her vision impairments. She now wears glasses. This sweet girl needs a family of her own, she can be adopted by a family or a single woman.

Meet Ruthi


Ruthi is an adorable eleven year old who is taking medication for epilepsy. She was born August of 2002. She has some learning and developmental delays. She has worked hard to improve her math skills and can add and subtract. Ruthi helps the other children with their math. Language is a challenge for Ruthi. She becomes sad when school work is hard. Ruthi can help with preparing meals and do other chores. She is a shy especially when going out in public. She is sweet girl who enjoys dancing. She waits for her family on the shared list.

Go here for more information, pictures, and a video on Ruthi.

For a list of families who have adopted children with these special needs visit this page.

Contact the Advocacy Team for any questions about these girls or about beginning the adoption process.

5 Responses to “waiting child highlight: girls”

  1. vicki van nostrand says:

    Thank you for posting about Jenny! She is my daughter’s best friend, and I had the opportunity to meet with her for several hours while I was in China, last year. She really wants a family, is sweet, with a contagious laugh. Feel free to ask any questions I can help answer about this sweet child.

    • Suzanne Martin says:

      I would love to know what YOU think in regards to Jenny’s mental development compared to her peers. She is the age we are looking for, but the label of Down’s syndrome immediately means No for us……but it says that might be wrong….wondering your thoughts on it………She has such a pretty smile, you just can’t help but smile when you see her picture!!!! :)

      • Vicki says:

        Her cognitive development seems to be on par with her peers. She is currently in 6th grade in school. The SWI will redo testing if a family wants. Was told through a source that it was taken off of another child’s file by accident. I have listened to her conversations with my daughter and it is very similar. Please feel free to ask anything else I might be able to answer. She is very sweet

  2. Kelly says:

    Do you know what province Daniela is from or in?

  3. Jeri says:

    I cannot find Daniela in Rainbow Kids? I have searched several listings and I only see her picture here?

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