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All of the beautiful children featured in this post have been diagnosed with Down Syndrome. They are all featured on Reece’s Rainbow and several of them have sizeable grants available toward their adoptions. Don’t let these children’s special needs keep you from looking at their files! Each one of them has the potential to be a wonderful blessing for their forever families! Read here about the wonderful blessing that one family has experienced from the adoption of a child with Down Syndrome.

Meet Yule:


This precious boy was born In December of 2009. His special needs are Down Syndrom and a Congenital heart defect. This handsome little guy likes to giggle when he plays. He was found outside a hotel gate when he was 6 months old. He is able to walk holding an adults hand and knows simple words, but has difficulty with correct sound production.


Yule is an outgoing little guy who likes to play with other children and will share his toys.He likes to play with cars and blocks and loves to listen to music.His caretakers describe him as an unforgettable good child and hope he finds a family soon. Are you ready to snuggle or play cars with this sweet little boy? Yule is listed with Madison Adoption Associates, or more info or to review his file, contact Sara.

$918.00 is available towards the cost of Yule’s adoption,including $301.50 from Angel Tree donations!

Meet Shaw:


Shaw was born in November of 2010. His special need is Down Syndrome. Shaw was abandoned at the age of 6 months. When he was found he could crawl and he initially made progress, but by the time he was 16 months old and was sent to a fabulous foster home, he was very thin and weak. After a few months in a foster care he began to thrive again. Shaw loves to eat and shows patience in all areas except when he has to wait for his food! He gets along well with others and loves bright colorful toys that make sound.


Shaw is very talkative and loves to be cuddled! He is waiting for a family that will snuggle with him and help him continue to grow.

$292.50 is available towards the cost of Shaw’s adoption.

Meet Kylie:


Kylie was born in April of 2002. Her special need is Down Syndrome. This is her report from 2008:
Kylie has a ready smile, and is fond of playing with others. Moderate sleep. She can go up and down stairs on her own, jump off floor with both feet, put on and off clothes and shoes, wash hands, feed herself. She is fond of playing wtih toys, and reading picture books. Kylie’s favorite sport is playing outdoors. Her favorite toys are plush toys.


Full medical history is available for families. She is on the shared list and is available for adoption to any family or single woman working with a Hague accredited adoption agency.

$3243.95 is available towards the cost of Kylie’s adoption, including $100.35 from Angel Tree donations!

Meet Yulia:


Beautiful Yulia was born in September of 2010. Her special need is Down Syndrome.
Her orphanage says her mental development is better than most children with Down syndrome; her physical and mental development is delayed compared to other normal children of her age. She is quiet, shy, gets along well with others. She is a cutie and has no other medical conditions. Her picture is about a year old; the agency is hoping for an updated photo soon. If you are interested in learning more about her contact Across The World Adoptions.

$346.73 is available towards the cost of Yulia’s adoption, including $346.73 from Angel Tree donations!

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For more information contact our Advocacy Team.

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