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These great kids are waiting to thrive in the love of permanent families and we have a limited time to help them. Please join us in praying that they receive the miraculous gift of family this Christmas!


For more information on any of the children below, please visit Dillon’s Waiting Child Page to complete a screening form to view additional information and pictures.


Vivian is a darling 6-year-old girl who is loved by her caregivers and enjoys laughing and playing with other children. She was abandoned as an infant and currently lives in an orphanage with many other children.

She was diagnosed with congenital cleft lip and palate. She’s able to drink liquids using a special bottle, and she also enjoys solid foods such as cookies and fruits. She has some weakness in her left hand and has stiffness in her left arm and leg, although it does not impede her ability to walk or climb stairs. She has normal mobility and flexibility on the right side of her body. Her language abilities are delayed. She understands when she is being bullied by the other children and responds with crying and sadness. This little girl needs the secure love of a family who is able to provide for her medical needs.


Imagine a gorgeous 4-year-old boy who loves to play games with others, likes to play jokes on his caregivers and who has never had an illness other than a cold. Now imagine that same sweet boy doing all of that with no arms!

He was abandoned at birth and is missing both of his arms and hands. He has a history of congenital heart disease. His caregivers tell us that he eats and sleeps well and enjoys attention from those around him. Children like this angel, who were born with missing limbs, often learn to compensate very early for the missing parts of their body. With the love and support of a family, they grow up living full and active lives. Families open to this condition will be rewarded with a child who will bring both challenges and amazing miracles to enrich their lives as he grows up in their loving embrace.


This outrageously handsome 5-year-old boy is adored by both his peers and orphanage caregivers. He’s a kid who LOVES to play with cars!

Abandoned at birth, Jake is growing well and is constantly learning new skills in the care of the institution where he now lives. He eats well and has had no serious illnesses since his admission. Because he was born with strephenopodia of both feet and a missing patella in his left knee, he pulls himself to a standing position by holding on to furniture. Once accomplished he has a megawatt smile to share! His medical history also includes a diagnosis of cerebral palsy. He can dress himself, knows his colors and numbers and is eager to learn. Adoptive families who are open to orthopedic conditions are encouraged to inquire about this sweet boy.


This adorable 8-year-old has lived in an orphanage since age 3. He’s a sweetheart who enjoys playing with other children, watching television and listening to music.

When he was first admitted to the orphanage, he was shy, afraid of other people and unable to walk normally due to post-encephalitis. Since that time, Danny has blossomed socially and is now described as outgoing! He has also learned to cope with his weakened lower limbs and can walk slowly by holding onto rails or furniture. He continues to make progress with rehabilitation training. He has had no serious illness since his admission and he is receiving routine immunizations. He needs the unconditional love of an adoptive family who can provide for his continued physical rehabilitation.


This bright 10-year-old is not one to let challenges stifle his smile. This sweet boy always has a smile on his face and is cherished by his caregivers who tell us he’s a polite, strong-willed child who readily shares with others.

Wyatt has a normal appetite and has had no serious illnesses since he began living in the orphanage at 5 years of age. His medical history includes a diagnosis of cerebral palsy exhibited by weakened lower limbs. The medical staff describes him as “obedient and sensible”. Under the careful attention of his caretakers he has learned to walk slowly by holding onto rails on the wall or furniture nearby. With a forever family to call his own and continued physical therapy this little guy will flourish and continue to become the man he was created to be.

For more information or questions regarding how to begin the adoption process, contact the Advocacy Team.

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