special need highlight: focus on dwarfism

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After adding 2 beautiful girls from China and 2 incredible boys from Ethiopia to our already full and active family of three biological kiddos. We thought for sure we were done adding to our family.

We felt God leading us to care for the orphans in other ways – advocating for waiting children, meeting with potential adoptive parents, and the all important –
supporting families when they had returned home with their children.

As we began advocating for waiting children, there was one little boy that just called out to us. He was only 12months old when we found him. We could not understand how he was still waiting…
Adorable, young… his special need – “dwarfism”.


Really? Could this be what was scaring people off.
I didn’t know much about dwarfism – in fact, pretty much all I knew was from recent television programs.
It sure seemed like though people with dwarfism may need some extra surgeries – they live a “normal” life.

As we continued to advocate for this sweet boy,
God spoke and asked us to bring him home.
With overwhelming joy we said, “yes.”

As we were compiling our dossier we heard God calling again –
there was another Little Person in China that needed to come home.
We were completely taken by surprise as God revealed his plan.
Our agency found our second little guy!
This little guy was in the same orphanage as our Griggs.
For the past 1 ½ years this boy’s photo was on our refrigerator –
We had been praying for him and for his forever family.


How good is God?!

Our boys have different types of dwarfism.
Hagan was 5 years old when we first held him.
He has Achondroplasia dwarfism.


Achondroplasia Dwarfism
This is the most common form of dwarfism, 70% of dwarfs have Achondroplasia.
Achondroplasia is a growth defect that causes short stature.
A gene defect causes problems with bone growth especially in the upper arms and upper legs.
Achon Dwarfs, as adults will be around 4 feet tall.


Griggs was 2 years old when we first held him,
and presently, he is a medical mystery!


Skeletal Dysplasia
There are 200 forms of dwarfism and even more types of Skeletal Dysplasia. And even more undiagnosed types of Skeletal Dysplasia. Presently, it seems Griggs falls into the “undiagnosed” category.
Which means – he is one in a million!
Which if you knew his personality –
you would agree!!


Both of our boys are super smart and silly!!
They have adapted to family life quickly,
We cannot imagine our days without either one of them!


Little People are able to learn just like any average height person.
both of our boys may need physical help with some every day things,
but as their muscles strengthen, and we add a few more stools in the house –
they are accomplishing more and more!

We pray that more people are not scared off by the diagnosis of dwarfism.
There is amazing of support for Little People
and for adoptive parents of Little People!
Little People of America is a wonderful support system,
with local Chapters all over the nation.
We also have different online support groups.
We would love to introduce y’all around!

Please feel free to follow our family blog.

~Guest Post by Jodi

Waiting Children with Dwarfism

Meet Zachary My family has found me!


Zachary is almost 2 and has hydrocephalus and dwarfism. He is shy but can communicate with others. He is currently designated to Wasatch, contact them here for more information. Zachary has grant funding available for qualifying families up to $2500.

Meet Aiden


Aiden is a happy boy living in foster care. He knows just how to make everyone laugh. He is playful and his favorite toy is cars. Aiden’s special need is dwarfism. He is described as a good eater and precisely wipes his mouth with a folded napkin between bites of food. Aiden has good fine and gross motor skills. He is just waiting for a family to love him. Could he be your son? Remember, Boys Rock! Aiden is designated to Gladney Center for Adoption. Contact them for more information.

Meet Xin Xin


Xin Xin is a beautiful almost three year old girl who is waiting for her family. She has a smile that could melt your heart. Her sweet personality lights up the room. She likes toy balls and can crawl on hands and knees. She has good fine motor skills. Xin Xin’s medical need is Osteogenesis Imperfecta , brittle bone disease. These children are treated with a supplement to make their bones stronger. They can also receive surgery to place rods in their long bones to decrease the likely hood of fracture. Exercise is helpful to continuing to build bone strength. Children with this medical issue are of normal intelligence and can achieve a full and meaningful life. For children with OI fractures tend to slow down as they reach puberty and then adulthood. Xin Xin needs a family to love her. Xin Xin is designated to Gladney Center for Adoption. Contact them for more information.

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  1. Pat says:

    Wow! Thanks for advocating for these amazing little people!

  2. Beka says:

    I know Jodi personally and her family is incredible! Thanks for this article Jodi and encouraging us to open our hearts to dwarfism!
    -Beka =)

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