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Meet Hero


Hero is a very smart, very out-going little boy who is almost 8 years old. He is incredible, born without legs, and a few fingers fused, he doesn’t let his special need slow him down. By 18 months, he had figured out how to use his arms and swing his body to move forward,and he has never stopped since then! Hero is known as “the king of the children” for his ability to settle disputes with a few words or a gesture. The nannies have taught him to write, and his penmanship is very good. He quickly masters electronic gadgets, and is a very fast learner! He is a good student, and the staff are trying to develop his talents. He is a sensible boy, who listens to adults, and is understanding if they do not agree with what he says, or requests. Hero has such great potential..but he needs a family to help him reach his goals. His report states that Hero “is a clever, active, loving, healthy, and sensible boy.” He will most certainly be a wonderful son!

More information on Hero can be found here.

Meet Samantha


Samantha is a beautiful little girl who is 6 years old. She came into care as an infant, and was found to have Down syndrome. Samantha’s motor skills are good, and she has the typical language delays. She is able to speak, but not always clearly. She has been healthy, and they report no issues with her heart. Samantha is an active little girl, who enjoys playing with toys. She loves to be held. Samantha likes to “look pretty” (there goes the clothes budget), and loves to imitate singing and dancing on the TV. This precious little one is waiting for a family of her own!

Meet MaryLauren


MaryLauren is a beautiful 9 year old girl. She came into care when she was about 3 years old. MaryLauren has Down syndrome and is HepB positive. She loves to dance, which is apparent in her video! MaryLauren can speak in sentences, but her pronunciation is not very clear. Speech therapy would certainly help. She is very loving and social. MaryLauren loves to swim! She is helpful to the nannies; she has chores every day and is able to complete them without assistance. She is learning to count. MaryLauren is a sweet little girl, and will be such a blessing to your family!

Meet Barrett My family has found me!


Barrett is a precious baby boy who will steal your heart! He is not yet one year old. Barrett has a meningocele, a club foot (right), dislocated hip (left). As of July, he had not received any treatment for these. Barrett is a very engaging, social baby who is interested in everything around him. He needs a family…cuddling would be greatly appreciated. Barrett is a sweet and lovable baby boy who needs a mommy and daddy as soon as possible.

For more information on any of the waiting children contact Heartsent Adoptions.

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  1. Sandra says:

    Whoever adopts this Little boy will be overflowing with Blessings. I am so thankful to see his story here. Thank you so much! Please read this child’s story. One thing written line that stands out to me, “surely he will be a great son! ” I believe this. Please read ths child’s story. He is very special!

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