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Chinese law forbids adoption after the age of fourteen. The children highlighted below will all lose the chance of having a family by November or December of this year. A family would need to either be very close to having dossier sent to China or already be logged in with China to race to beat their birthdays. Read this wonderful article to find out more about the adoption of older Chinese orphans.

Meet Holden my family found me!


This is the time of year for miracles, and Holden wishes for a family for Christmas! The need for his forever family to find him is extremely urgent since Holden ages out in June! Holden’s special need is albinism. Read this family’s personal plea for Holden who they met on two adoption trips! Holden likes to help take care of the other children in his orphanage by feeding them “delicious food” and entertains them by singing to them! He has a heartwarming list of adjectives describing his personality: handsome, kind-hearted, helpful, obedient, smart, good with younger children, social, optimistic, polite, and friendly. In addition, he likes to sing and play sports and does well in school. Could this amazing 13 year old boy be your son?

His file is on the shared list.

Meet Anya


Anya needs to find her forever family before she ages out in June of 2014! Her special need is epilepsy. She is on the shared list so any agency has access to her file. Anya is a very pretty young girl. Her Chinese name means “Swallow.” She has been in care since she was 1 year old. Her development has always been on target and she is a smart girl. She is living with a foster family and is said to always be happy. She loves to wear colorful shoes! Her foster mother bought her some books to read, but she wasn’t too thrilled with that idea. I would imagine she would have preferred more shoes! Anya has experienced some seizure activity in the past. About once a year, she has a mild seizure lasting a minute. A CT scan showed no abnormalities. An EEG also showed no abnormalities. Medication is rarely used or needed. Anya is a bright, very happy, charming girl who has agreed to be adopted. In her own words, she says it all: “I long to have a warm home and the love of a father and mother. I agree to be adopted by a foreign family. I hope I will have my own family. I agree.”

Meet Amelia

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Amelia also needs to find her forever family before she ages out in June of 2014. Her special need is post-op ptosis. Her file is on the shared list. Amelia can read books, draw pictures, go up and down stairs, run, and jump alone. She is extroverted, but when seeing strangers she is a little timid. She can talk with guests and smile when familiar with them. Her foster mother likes her a lot and she also likes every family member. Sometimes Amelia can help her foster mother do some things she is able to do. She is in school, but not at the grade level that most girls her age would be at. Although she cannot grasp the knowledge taught by foster parents quickly, she is very serious until she has learned it. By studying incessantly, Amelia now has made great progress. Usually she likes listening to music, watching TV, and reading picture books. She also likes playing games with kids outdoors. When playing happily she will forget to go home to have meals. Sometimes she needs to be reminded by her foster mother and then she will stop playing games with the kids. She has great self-care ability- can have meals, dress or undress herself, wash her face and brush her teeth as well as tidy up her bed alone. Every foster family member likes her very much and praises her for helping her foster mother.

Meet Patrick

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Patrick needs his forever family to come for him before he ages out in May of 2014. His special needs are slight narrow of bicuspid aortic valve, deformity, of both ears, ankylotia right side, and congenital deafness. He is on the shared list. Patrick is developing well into a smart young boy. Despite his deafness, Patrick is developing physically and mentally at a typical rate. He adapts well to new environments and develops good relationships with his caretakers. Lifeline has some videos of him from when he was listed with them. This family is advocating for him on their blog.

For more information on starting the adoption process contact the Advocacy Team.

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  1. Sonia says:

    Just wanted to clarify, Patrick is not deaf. I have met him twice now on two different trips and he hears quite well! No one has to even speak up or talk loudly to him to get him to hear. He converses normally with other children and adults. It appears that he is just missing the outer portion of the ear, his internal workings are just fine. He is a sweet, sweeeeeet boy who so badly wants a family of his own. He goes to a great school in the community(we have two boys from Patrick’s foster home who attended that school with him), not in the orphanage and knows a bit of conversational English. “Hello. How are you? I am fine.” etc. Anybody would be blessed to have such a lovely young man in their family!! I have lots of pictures and video of him if anyone is interested!

  2. Kristin says:

    We’re the family advocating for Holden! My heart is so touched that he is featured on this incredible site! The post has given me a burst of hope! Our first-hand interaction and experience with our friend Holden is linked above (and here again! – including a video gallery of photos – we have about 80! We welcome personal emails and also phone calls! :-)

  3. Kristin says:

    I would add to this post that there is STILL time for these kids’ families to begin their adoption process. Although a family already paper-ready, or adding a child mid-process, or re-using their dossier would be much farther ahead of the race against time, there is still TIME for a family to start from scratch. There are agencies very willing to work with families in urgent cases. We are praying this is the month Holden’s family discovers him and chooses him! Feel free to email me as always, regarding Holden.

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