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All of the beautiful girls featured in this post are also featured on the blog “Stop for Snowdrops”. If you are interested in learning more about these girls, please go here.

Meet Erica, a beautiful treasure!


Beautiful Erica is 6 years old. Her special need is cerebral palsy which affects her lower limbs and her file states “delayed mental development”. This may be a case of mis-interpretation based on one volunteer’s report of her time spent with Erica. Erica’s volunteer believes that Erica is a very smart little girl!

Please read what Erica’s volunteer had to say about her:
“Last month (June 2013), I had the incredible opportunity to go to China on a missions strip visiting an orphanage. Upon arriving at the orphanage and seeing all of the precious faces, I had this feeling that I was going to become attached to a certain child. The second day, we were told we were going to be taking the children on a field trip. We waited in the hotel lobby and a van pulled up with a bunch of the children. We were then instructed to “pick a child to sit with” during the 45 minute bus ride to the temple where we visited. This is the day that I met Erica. As I walked onto the bus, I made eye contact with Erica’s eyes that told a story. Just by my first glance at Erica, I could tell that she was in need of a friend. As the bus ride progressed, Erica stood up on the chair. The nanny then said, “hold onto her! She has cerebral palsy and cannot walk!” I could not believe it. Her determination to stand up was incredible! During the bus ride, I got a few smiles and expressions out of Erica’s, but she was mostly closed up.

image (1)

Erica is incredible, smart, adorable, affectionate little girl IN NEED of a family!!! I asked the nannies about her cerebral palsy and they said “it is very mild! she has an 80% chance of being able to walk if she gets the therapy she needs in the United States!” This made my heart go crazy. To think that she has the ability to be able to do the one thing she so longs to do makes me incredibly happy and hopeful. This little one will absolutely thrive in any family. She is incredibly determined, and I know that she will go far. Please please pray about bringing HOPE to this little one.”

Erica is on the agency list with America World Adoption Associates.

Meet Beautiful Bailey

image (2)

Bailey is 10 years old. Her special need is Hypophrenia, where the muscular tension of upper limbs is low. She dresses neatly and likes to be beautiful. She is shy but gets along well with other children. She listens well in class but has some difficulty understanding. She has some difficulty writing and with some personal care such as combing her hair, due to the low muscle tension in her upper limbs.

She was born in January 2003 and is on the shared list ready for your agency to help you adopt her. Bailey has an adoption fund on Reece’s Rainbow.

Meet Precious Felicity!

image (3)

Felicity is a beautiful 11 year old girl. Please read what a volunteer visiting her orphanage had to say about her:

“Felicity is part of an orphanage partnership through the agency we used for our adoption last year. I had the opportunity to meet Felicity after reading that our agency was looking for volunteers to visit the orphanage with them and “play with the children.” It was an awesome experience and I am forever changed. Felicity recently turned 11 and was so incredibly shy the doctors in China labeled her as “developmentally delayed” because she would barely speak to them during her medical exam. The orphanage staff insists that she is shy with strangers but talkative with her foster family, friends and the orphanage staff. Although the orphanage director and staff say she is very smart, they also told us she tends to “freeze up” and cannot complete tests in the time allowed so is unable to always pass them. This sweet girl was shy but curious around us. The first two times we saw her she kept her distance although she followed us around the orphanage building. She finally opened up on our last day. She approached me while other children were watching the videos I had just made of them rollerblading in the courtyard. I invited her to watch as well and was happily shocked when she not only joined in, but leaned on me so she could see the screen! That’s why the second picture below was taken – we were all so surprised! I know it was out of her comfort zone to be that close to me, a stranger, and at that moment I realized she has the longest, most beautiful eye lashes. I must have played the same video ten times for them. Afterwards I let her use my camera to take a picture. She was unsure at first but her smile was HUGE when she had my camera in her hands!”

Felicity is the is the last girl in her building her age. She and two of her friends spent several months in Beijing during some renovations at the orphanage and when they returned her two best friends were told they had families coming for them. At this time all of her close girl friends have been adopted and this has caused her to become even more of an introvert. I can only imagine that she wonders, “why not me?” She says she wants to be adopted and I think that’s why she made an effort to come out of her shell a little bit for us. She knew we were there to help her find a family.

Felicity is designated to Adoption Associates through a partnership program. Adoption Associates will consider releasing her file to a different agency for an interested family.

For more information on any of these girls or help in getting started in the adoption process, please contact the Advocacy Team.

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