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Meet Joel

Joel is a newly listed six year old with Madison Adoption Associates via an orphanage partnership. His file says he has cerebral hypoplasia and epilepsy. Joel’s motor and intellectual development at present: he can walk alone, go upstairs and downstairs holding the wall, and can put on pants and shoes by himself. Joel is quiet, gregarious, and very curious. He is very fond of playing toy cars with partners and most interested in playing games with adults. He feels safe, happy, and satisfied in the institute with the caretakers’ careful nursing. He has close and intimate relationship with the caretakers.

2007, March 8th, Joel

Madison staff recently met him and said this about him: Joel is a happy child. He has lived in the orphanage for several months and does not attend school. He can count to 3. He has not learned English. He likes to watch television and sing along with people on TV. When he entered the orphanage they believed he had epilepsy, but he has never had a seizure. They also said he had hydrocephalus but even without any treatment, it appears to have cured itself. Even his hair has grown in and is much healthier since his arrival. Two things noted were that he runs slower than the other children and when he gets a high fever, he can’t even stand up. He is potty trained.

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He has a new account on Reece’s Rainbow.

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Meet Andrew

2004, Nov. 13th, Andrew2

Andrew is newly listed with Madison Adoption Associates and is diagnosed with hydrocephalus. Andrew has normal physical and mental development. At the age of 1 year, he responded to calling of his name, was able to figure out strangers and acquaintances. At the age of 2 years, he could take out building blocks from a cup, be cooperative when putting on clothes and respond to asking of his things. At the age of 3 years, he could find dropped toys and walk with one hand held. At the age of 4 years, he could ask “what’s this?” on his initiative, know the meanings of inner, outer, big, small, dress independently, wash his hands, and speak simple and short sentences. Now he is able to sing simple nursery rhymes, knows simple shapes, figure colors, and answers simple questions. Since he has hydrocephalus, he cannot walk steadily and he walks slowly. Usually he enjoys reading books and playing toys. He is an active, outgoing, and lovely little boy who has a quick smile.

2004, Nov. 13th, Andrew

View his video, Password: Adoptmaa.

He has a new account on Reece’s Rainbow.

For more information or to review his file, please fill out a free Family Information Sheet.

Meet Chelsey

Her file lists her as having a “brain development issue.” Chelsey is a very quiet and very cute girl. Now she is studying in sister class at the orphanage. At school she respects the teachers and unites the students and likes to help others. She likes to tell her foster mother something about school when she comes back home. She is a very clever child. At home, she is talkative and knows the name of her foster family members. She is a good child, cares about her foster mother, and is a good helper, often helping her foster mother to do housework, such as clean, wash dishes, and with taking care of the younger brothers and sisters. She is very polite to others and says hello to familiar people on her own initiative. She gets along well with her foster siblings at home and is happy to help others. She often helps other children to do something that she knows how to do. She likes snacks- especially milk, drinks, fruits, and sweet food. She also likes to watch cartoons. At home she respects her elders and is considerate to her foster parents. In school, she is a good student. She agrees to be adopted by a foreign family. When we ask her if she agreed to be adopted, she looks happy and says “I want to have a family and I agree to be adopted and want to have my own father and mother.”

2004, Dec. 24th, Chelsey

A Bring me Hope camp volunteer was able to meet Chelsey and work with her this summer. She goes by the name Lucy on their website: “Lucy is a sweet and beautiful girl who came to camp this year and had so much fun! She has waited a lot time for a family maybe because of her diagnosis that she is delayed. HOWEVER, that is not the full picture. That is not WHO Lucy is. Read below to see what Lucy is like. She is a girl with real feelings and a real personality and her volunteer noticed that she has real POTENTIAL!! What Lucy’s volunteer had to say: “For those of you have ever read the comic or seen an episode of Little Lulu, you will have caught a glimpse of 9-year-old Lucy. She was always running somewhere, cooking up some new idea. She is a social butterfly, and was often the one knocking on doors early in the morning to wake her friends and their translators up for breakfast. Her first time in the pool was so exciting (the water guns were a big hit) and she eventually worked up the courage to jump off the side of the pool as long as someone was waiting with outstretched arms to catch her. Her other favorite activities included coloring, playing tag, taking pictures, drinking Coca-Cola and eating candy. Lucy came bouncing out of the bus, running to shout hello to everyone and I don’t think she ever stopped. I spent most of the week trying to keep up with her, as she was always joining other groups, depending on who seemed to be doing the most exciting activity at the moment. Sometimes I felt as if I was not enough action for her (and I’ve been known to be quite lively), but when she asked for me to put her to bed every night with a song and woke up asking why I had snuck out, I knew there was a bond forming. My favorite moment was when she brought her best friend into my room and asked if they could jump on the beds. Of course I said yes, and it turned into a full-fledged tickle fight where I became the “monster”. At the Goodbye Party, it was little Lucy who was sobbing uncontrollably, burying her head in everyone’s arms. She stopped long enough to eat the frosting off of her cake and those of her friends who could not finish theirs, but left on the bus holding a bottle of Coca-Cola with tears streaming down her cheeks. That little girl changed my life. Lucy is diagnosed as having a brain development issue. It was hard to gauge her mental capabilities, but she could read and write her name as well as a few characters. She also recited a lengthy poem at the talent show, which was a huge hit. She picked up on English fast and was always counting “1…2…3..!” before jumping off of any and everything. She may have acted a bit young for her age, but all of the orphans at camp did so to some extent. I believe Lucy would do exceptionally well in a family with children and invested parents. As all the orphans, she just wants to be loved, and I, for one, do not want to have to see another child leave on a bus, sobbing.”

For more information or to review her file, please fill out a free Family Information Sheet.

Meet Palmer

2005, July 1st, Palmer

Palmer is listed with Madison Adoption Associates via an orphanage partnership. Palmer is eight years old and has a sensitive special need that is correctable. Palmer is outgoing and has a ready smile. He loves to play – alone or with others. He likes to play games and is very cooperative. He has quick reaction time. He is a good student and can recite children’s songs. He has an account on Reece’s Rainbow.

For more information or to review his file, please fill out a free Family Information Sheet.

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  1. carole meyer says:

    I would like more info on Andrew. I am familiar with hydrocephalus as I have had it myself. Please e-mail me at carole.m.teacher@gmail.com Thanks a bunch.

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      He is so sweet, isn’t he? Please contact Madison Adoption Associates for more information or to review his file.

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