waiting child highlight: snowdrop boys

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All of the adorable boys featured in this post are also featured on the advocacy blog Stop for Snowdrops. Visit this blog you are interested in learning more about these boys and other waiting children.

Meet Toby (Also Known as Finn with Lifeline agency)

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Toby is a perfect little chubby cheeked 3 year old baby boy who is overcoming his special needs. His special need is cerebral dysplasia and his reports say he shows no signs of developmental delays! He is such a warrior! Pray his family finds him soon!


Toby came into care as an infant. He is developing on target, with no delays when compared to his peers. Toby is a very out-going and active little guy, who has no fear of strangers. At this point, he considers everyone to be a potential playmate! Toby had a heart scan, which showed no problems. He had a CT scan of his brain, which showed the left hemisphere was reduced, and there was evidence of a past brain injury (prenatal or during birth). Toby does not have seizures, does not show any developmental delays, and is happy and healthy (other than usual childhood illnesses). The brain of a child is wonderful that way…it can compensate for many issues it may have! He loves to play, and is a very active little boy who is “full of curiosity”, according to the nannies! His favorite toys are balls…soccer, baseball, tennis…which will he choose? Toby is a wonderful little boy, who will be such a joy to have in your family!

For more info contact Lisa Kelly at Lifeline agency lisa.kelly@lifelinechild.org and let them know you are interested in “Finn.”

Meet Manuel

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Manuel is a healthy 9 year old boy with post op cleft lip and palate. He had surgery when he was 2 yrs old. He is now completely healthy. He does not have any hearing or speech problems. His caregivers describe him as adorable. He is very smart and lovely, restless and has a quick reaction. His caregivers have special feelings for him. Manuel enjoys going outdoors for fun. He loves listening to music. He likes to sing and participated in the choir of the orphanage. Manuel currently attends public school. He works hard in school, and speaks and writes Mandarin. He really likes poetry.

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Manuel has expressed his desire to be adopted, he wants a family! He wants to have a mom and dad would like to have siblings, when asked about sisters He said it could be great because he is very strong and can protect them! Isn´t he cute?

View a video of Manuel.
View a video of Manuel and his friends.

Manuel is listed as “Keegan” with Holt agency.

Meet Ryker

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This handsome little lad is Ryker. He recently turned 4 years old and is such a sweetheart. His special need is mild delay with slight subdural hematoma of right head. Ryker’s caretaker says the following: He is a smart boy, he has adapted to the small family of our institute after half a year, gets along well with siblings in the family. He can take on clothes, go to toilet after getting up, can wash face and brush teeth, take off clothes and shoes without help. He can feed himself, help his mother collect dishes, chopsticks and chairs after having meals.

Currently Ryker attends class. He gets along well with teachers and classmates and they all like him. He can recite many poems and sing simple children’s songs. He can count from 1 to 10 under assistance. He is curious, asks “What’s this, What’s this for?” when he goes out with his foster mother.

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Ryker is close with his foster family parents and brothers and sisters. He is an active and lovely boy. The teacher and children love him so much. He can wash his face and dress on his own. He is he is potty training and can feed himself. He can go up and down stairs by himself. He can walk and run well. He can sing several songs and Tang poetry. Ryker is obedient and is not a picky eater.

Ryker is on the Individual list with Wasatch. Email them for more information. You will be asked to fill out a parent eligibility form. Grant funding is available in the amount of $2500 for qualifying families.

Meet Lucas

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This is adorable Lucas. He is 10 years old and his special need is “dwarfism”, though he is not far from normal height for his age.

The following post was written by a volunteer who was able to spend some time with Lucas this past summer:
“One of the kids I was most excited about seeing again this summer was this little kiddo. This is Lucas, he is an adorable 10 year old boy from China who needs a mom and dad of his own. I first met Lucas last summer at Bring Me Hope summer camp. I instantly connected with him and quickly saw just how special he is! He has a sweet and easy-going nature which when mixed with his cute smile makes him such a joy to be around! My favorite memory of Lucas was from one morning when we were going to breakfast. I was walking with one of the other boys when I hear him shout across the courtyard ‘gege’ {older brother} as he runs over and grabs my hand to walk with me! Lucas is a boy who, like many young boys, loves his big brothers!! I then got to spend two weeks with Lucas at his orphanage this summer! I saw how much Lucas had grown up in just a year, how independent he had gotten and the new things he had learned to do. Lucas is one of the more capable boys in the room he lives.”

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Lucas is on the shared list so any agency has access to his file.

For more information on any of these boys, or questions in regard to beginning the adoption journey, contact the Advocacy Team.

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