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This article by Love Without Boundaries explains the great need for older child adoption. Highlighted below are three orphans waiting for a family. Could one of them perhaps be yours?


Born in March of 2000, Gideon is a very talented athlete. His favorite sport is swimming and he won a medal at the Special Olympics in 2008. He also rollerblades quite well and won an award in that too! Not surprisingly, his favorite class in school is P.E. He wants to be a policeman when he grows up. Gideon has some clouding on his left eye, also known as Pearl Eye. He can see out of both eyes, but his vision through his affected eye is not very clear. His orphanage sends him to special education classes, but they say that his intelligence is normal – they send him to special education only because they are unable to send all of the children from the institute to the normal school. He is not very good at math, but is very good in all other areas. He gets along well with other children and is helpful to the caregivers in the orphanage. He says that he is a little shy, but he was very friendly and happy to talk with us! Gideon would make a wonderful son to a very lucky family. Updated information from July of 2013 states that Gideon looks strong and tough on the outside but is actually very nice and docile on the inside. He is longing for a family of his own. Each time a close friend leaves for a family in the US, he prepares a small gift for him. He gets along well with other children and is always caring to small brothers and sisters. He is in good health and very strong. He is eager to learn and is now doing well in language and math and is very interested in studying nature. His only issue is his vision and it is not extremely serious. His caregivers say “he is a sporty, sunny boy. We join with him in praying for a family. There is a $4000 Promise Child grant for families who qualify to assist with this adoption. In addition, a generous donor has offered a grant of $3000 to any family for the adoption of this child.

Yvonne is an adorable little girl with a sweet smile who was wearing a beautiful outfit when she met with us. At first, it appeared that she might be very shy in front of so many people but as soon as she began to speak we were very impressed with her clear and fluent speech. Yvonne likes to sing and dance, and even performed a lovely song for us. She is described as “little actress” and “little star of the institute” by caregivers. She made eye contact with people in the room and followed instructions of the caregiver who was helping out. Yvonne has a few medical needs but the caregivers told us that they do not affect her ability to function in everyday life. When we handed her something to look at she held it closer to her eyes and appeared to be able to see better that way. Her caregiver told us that her left eye has better vision. She can go to the bathroom on her own and be independent in most areas. She is a quick and enthusiastic learner. Her special needs are post op cataract both eyes, spinal curvature, and post op atresia. Yvonne is a lovely child with a sweet personality who would be a great fit for a loving family. There is a $4,000 Promise Child grant for eligible families for this adoption.

Shawn attends school outside of the orphanage where his caregivers say that he does quite well. He is in the second grade. His favorite subject at school is fine art and his nannies say this his writing is beautiful. He really enjoys playing games. Shawn was born with spina bifida. He is incontinent and his gait is unusual. His nannies say that he takes care of his diaper by himself. He is able to run, but only slowly. He is described as a very independent boy. He has been best friends with another boy at the institute, Fu Yu, since they were little children. We observed Shawn walking and he walks a little bit knock-kneed, he takes short steps with his feet turned in and he walks on the heel of his left foot. He is able to walk on his heels, but not his toes. He is slightly unsteady when he turns around. The volunteer doctor at the orphanage noted that he has good sensation in his feet. The orphanage staff report that he had two surgeries for his spina bifida. There is a $4,000 Promise Child grant for eligible families for this adoption.

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For more information on any of these waiting children please contact the Advocacy Team.

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