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Meet Ellie


Ellie is an amazing little girl born February of 2005. Prior to moving to live with her foster family in January 2009, Ellie was struggling with interacting with her caregivers and peers at her care center due to her vision impairment which affect both of her eyes (atrophy of the right eye, nystagmus and amblyopia of the left eye). Since entering her foster family, Ellie has become much more social and enjoys playing with other children. She also enjoys spending time snuggling with her foster parents. She is described as being able to do the same physical activities as her peers, such as walking, running, riding a bike etc. She has waited on the shared list since 2007.

Meet Chelsea


Chelsea is a strong and open girl who was found at a station gate in November 2009. She was born February of 2009. Upon admission into the care center, Chelsea was noted to be weak and thin with rapid breath and a feeble cry and to have a sacrococcygeal bulge. In March of 2011 she was hospitalized due to an increase in size of this bulge, and an MRI confirmed diagnoses of spina bifida and hydrocephalus. At that time she received a shunt and repair of the lumbosacral meningomyelocele and has made great physical strides since, soon after being able to sit up and stand. An imaging test done in November 2011 had normal findings of the heart, lungs, and diaphragm. She is still noted to have low weight and development, and in January 2012 Chelsea was reported to be 78cm tall and weight of 10kg. Chelsea needs a family of her own, could that family be yours?

Meet Zeke


Zeke is on the shared list and was born December 2011. His special need is cerebral palsy. From his Nov. 2012 file: When he admitted into the institute, he was poor in health and always choked milk. By the meticulous care of the caregivers, he is regular in his diet. His temper was not very good and was easy to cry. His physical condition is improving and he is therapy for his palsy. He needs a family to put a smile on that sad little face and help him grow and reach his potential. He is only two years old, what a sweet gem! Zeke’s file was recently released by an agency and is currently on the shared list.

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For any questions on starting the adoption process, contact the Advocacy Team.

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    How can I get more details on Ellie? We are with CCAI- home study complete, waiting on i800a to send DTC. Would love to know more about her! :-)

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