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This post features four special little girls who are listed with Heartsent Adoptions. Please let them know if you are interested in any of these treasures!

Meet Meadow


Meadow is such a sweet 2 year old! This beautiful baby came into care when she was one year old. Meadow has Down syndrome, and had not received any specialized care until she came to the orphanage. They have worked with her every day to build up her muscle tone, and help her improve in all areas. Meadow does not have any issues with her heart, and a brain CT showed no abnormalities. She does have strabismus (crossed eyes), which can be corrected with glasses, patching for a short time, or surgery. She loves to “play” the piano, and the nannies enjoy her music! Meadow is a precious little girl. We have asked for new photos (and hopefully a video). Please open your heart to Meadow. The orphanage director said, “I believe, under the care of others, she can develop, and with the hug and kiss every day she can live healthily and happily”. We believe that, too!

Meadow is receiving therapy and is making good progress. She is able to crawl, and has improved her sitting, standing and pre-walking. They report Meadow can now count to 10 and knows her friends’ names. Her nannies say she is able to follow simple directions and her strength is improving. She is able to walk around while holding onto something and can stand on her own for a period of time!

Meet Amber

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Amber is such a sweet little girl! She came into care when she was 3 years old. She will be 4 this May. She was found to have Down syndrome, and a CHD (VSD/ASD). Her heart surgery was completed in September 2013, and they have noticed improvement in her skills since then. At first, Amber was very reserved and quiet; she would not play with the other children. However, after a few months of care, she has become a happy, playful little one who is loved by all. Amber is very social (although she can be timid around men she does not know), and loves music. She is in an early intervention class, where they report she is learning her colors and numbers. The nannies say her overall skills are better than the other children with Down syndrome in their care. Amber is ready to be part of a loving family.

Meet Winter

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Winter is a delightful little girl who is 5 years old. You can see her personality in her photos! She came into care when she was 3 years old, and was placed with a foster family who have taken very good care of her. Winter has strabismus, which can typically be corrected with glasses, temporary patching, or surgery. She also has some delays in her expressive speech. She is talking…just not as much as expected. Winter had a brain CT over a year ago which showed an enlarged 4th ventricle. A MRI was suggested; we are waiting to find out if it was done, and the results. Her motor skills are good, and would surely be better when her eyes are straight! Winter is such a precious little girl; she would be so happy to have a family!

Meet Blossom

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Blossom is an adorable little one who has just turned 3 years old. Her photos and info are all out of date, so we have requested new ones. Blossom came into care when she was an infant, and was found to have a CHD (ASD). a follow up was requested, and we hope to have the new info soon. Blossom’s development as a baby was not up to her peers. This could, of course, be due to her CHD…but we have also requested confirmation of any possibility of Down syndrome. We do know she is well loved, very social, and an all around precious little one! She will surely thrive in the arms of a loving family.

For more information on starting the adoption process contact the Advocacy Team.

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