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All of these boys are from the same orphanage in Eastern China. Half the Sky has a program at this orphanage. Adoptive families who have visited it say it is clean and the staff is very friendly and warm. Please consider these boys who are waiting for a family of their own.

Meet Bruce


Born April of 2006, Bruce is a sweet boy with anemia and a heart defect. He has been on the shared list for a long time waiting for a family. He is a little developmentally and cognitively delayed. He loves cartoons and tv, listening to music, and imitating others. He is an absolute sweetheart!

Meet Eddie


Eddie was born March of 2009 and is listed as having mild developmental delays. A visiting family said that Eddie was an absolute joy and completely stole their hearts! He loves music and computer games. He interacts wonderfully with others. He is simply adorable. Eddie is also on the shared list and available for adoption by families or single woman working with any agency.

Meet Ralphie


Ralphie was born May of 2010 and is listed as having Down Syndrome. He has also had surgery to correct a congenital heart defect. He is very healthy. He has waited on the shared list for a family for over a year.

Meet Snyder


Snyder is listed as being cognitively delayed. He loves bouncing, singing, and playing games. He is an active boy. He was born May of 2006 and is on the shared list.

For questions in regard to beginning the adoption process please contact the Advocacy Team.

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