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This post features four special little boys who are listed with Heartsent Adoptions. Please let them know if you are interested in any of these treasures!

Meet Cody


Cody is a handsome boy who is 10 years old. He has already had surgery to repair the cleft lip and palate with which he was born. He has also had surgery to correct an undescended testicle, and has a scar on his right upper arm where he had a cyst removed when he was very young. Cody is very active and loves playing outdoors. He is in school, where he does well, although his pronunciation is not always clear. (Speech therapy would be a help) Cody is a polite boy, and loves to play all sports. It can be difficult for boys to find a family to adopt them…it is especially difficult for older boys like Cody. Cody wants a family, and we know there is a loving family out there who would be perfect for him!

Meet Kaiden


Kaiden is a 6 year old bundle of fun! He came into care as an infant, and his motor skill development has been on target. He has nystagmus (jerky movements of his eyes) and may have some degree of hearing loss (test was requested in 2012 – we are waiting for an update). His report says he has lower muscle tension of his legs, but he is able to run, climb, and ride a bike. Kaiden’s report also includes the dreaded “DQ” test results. (I tend to ignore these – we never know who administered the test, what the test conditions were, and if the child was terrified/shy/having a bad day). Kaiden is a sweet little guy who love to dance (his teacher says he is the best!), sing, and imitate the kids on TV. Kaiden will blossom in the loving care of his own family.

Meet Micah


Micah is an adorable 5 year old boy. (Please note – his photos are from 2011; we are waiting for an update) Micah was born with a cleft lip and palate, both of which have been repaired. Micah has some hearing loss; we are waiting for new info to tell us how severe it may be. Micah’s motor skills have been on target, and he is an active little boy. He has been healthy, and has shown no allergies. Micah is a handsome boy, who needs a family of his own. We hope to have new photos and info soon!

Meet Barrett


Barrett is a precious baby boy who will steal your heart! He is not yet one year old. Barrett has a meningocele, a club foot (right), dislocated hip (left). As of July, he had not received any treatment for these. Barrett is a very engaging, social baby who is interested in everything around him. He needs a family…cuddling would be greatly appreciated. Barrett is a sweet and lovable baby boy who needs a mommy and daddy as soon as possible.

Contact the Advocacy Team for questions about beginning the adoption process.

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