Waiting child highlight: Down syndrome

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Meet Penny


Penny is four years old. She is on Cradle of Hope’s designated list and has Down Syndrome. This precious toddler girl is said to be gentle and lovely by her orphanage staff! She has been in a foster family and also is able to do therapy at a Rehab Center close-by. She enjoys exploring things, likes dolls and playing with other children. She also likes painting! She is quickly catching up with her peers in all areas. She knows how to dress herself and can feed herself as well. Now, all she needs in a mommy to tuck her in at night! Look at this precious child with the beautiful smile!

Meet Bree


Bree is a sweet four year old little girl with Down ’s syndrome. She loves listening to music and playing with her toys. She is in the loving care of a foster family but needs the love and security of a permanent family. Carolina Adoption Services has a new orphanage partnership in rural Guanxi where Bree is from. For more information email CAS.

Meet Carol


Carol was born September of 2010. Every day starting at 9:00 teachers of special education will take her and other children to the class room to do physical exercise and play. She walks pretty well but cannot speak, except for making some “yee-yah” voices. She will cooperate when a caregiver brushes her teeth. Her teeth are very healthy. She can eat solid foods. She needs her caregiver’s help when the food contains bones or too hard to break. She needs to be fed by a caregiver. She is close to her caregivers. Carol is now on the shared list, however WACAP will likely offer a $4,000 promise child grant for her if a family was not with an agency. Madison had a $2,000 agency grant for her as well- she is from an orphanage they partner with. They would still offer the grant if a family used them.

Contact the NHBO Advocacy Team for questions about beginning the adoption process.

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