waiting child highlight: boys born in 2002

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Jared was born in April 2002 and has muscle atrophy of both lower limbs. He is very outgoing and polite. He enjoys learning new things in school. He is active and has a positive attitude. He enjoys drawing and playing games with his peers. He is also helpful to the caregivers and is kindhearted. He is a handsome guy who loves to sing. To find out more about Jared you can check out the Love Without Boundaries blog posts here or here.

Find out more about his special need by visiting this group.



Eli was born on September of 2002 and his special need is cerebral palsy. Eli is considered outgoing and likes to communicate with everyone. He is in school and is often praised by teachers. He thinks about questions and answers them thoughtfully. Doctors think his condition does not effect his life very much. He can walk, run, jump, go up and down stairs, use the toilet and eat alone. His speech is not exact, but he is getting help to pronounce things more clearly and his speech has improved greatly. He loves to play games with other children outdoors. His favorite toys are model cars and ships. He shares his delight at these toys with the other children. He is liked by the nannies and the other children alike.

This group could help a prospective parent.



Lucas’ birthday is in December of 2002 and his special need is dwarfism. Although Lucas has some intellectual and developmental delays, he is able to independently dress himself and take care of his belongings. Lucas attends special education classes at the Welfare Center and one of his teachers estimates his learning is at about kindergarten level. He is a fun-loving and active little boy. He is very outgoing and active. He loves to play with the other children and enjoys playing games. He is well liked by everyone he meets and he makes friends fast. Lucas is adorable, just check out this video and you will agree.



Born August of 2002, Drew is a smart child who is not in school due to the fact that he is in his wheelchair most of the time. He has fair to poor use of his legs and is able to walk with assistance from an adult or with crutches/walker. He needs on-going therapy for his cerebral palsy. Drew is an easy-going child who likes lot of kinds of foods. He has been in the orphanage since after his birth. From someone who met him in person: He was very charming; sharing that sweet smile freely. He was very talkative too. He seemed to enjoy sitting and answering my questions. He does have some mental development delays but it was my impression that they were minor. He wrote his name for me a couple of times. This took great effort on his part but he was determined. He spoke very well and was very imaginative. I remember that I asked him what he liked to do and he told me that he liked to play racquetball (or some other very athletic type sport). The nanny asked, ‘How do you do that with your crutches?’ and he told her that he used to play it before he had to use his crutches. It made my heart ache for him because you could tell it was what he dreamed to do =( He seemed to get along well with the other children.

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