Waiting child highlight: four 4 year old boys with EAC

February 8, 2014 by nohandsbutours advocating, boys, Children Who Wait, EAC, special focus 1 Comments

The following waiting children are all listed with EAC. Contact Karla for more information.


Mark is a 4 year old boy with post operative congenital glaucoma. He likes to play catch. He can catch the ball and throw it back to the care giver. He likes to swing. He likes to walk hand in hand with other children. He loves to play games.



Connor is an energetic, extroverted 4 year old boy who has an extra finger on his right hand and is receiving therapy for hemiplegia of his right limbs. Connor can walk easily without help and he can walk up steps. He turns pages of book one by one. He can stack blocks without them following and can screw a cap on a bottle. He is potty trained and knows his body parts. He’s not a picky eater and understands the meaning of cold, tired and hungry. He enjoys playing games with other children. He likes to ride a bike and play ball.



Luke recently celebrated his 4th birthday. He was abandoned when a few days old and suffering from neonatal septicemia which doctors treated and cured. Luke is active, optimistic and restless. He gets along well with others and has a strong ability to imitate others. Sometimes he will pretend to cry for attention. He likes cats and dogs and helping care for younger children. Luke enjoys listening to music, watching TV and playing with cars and scooters. In 2012 he had an operation to repair an undescended testicle. Luke’s special need is cerebral palsy with slight mental delay and language delay. He can walk and run but sometimes his feet will cramp. He has shown progress with speech.



Troy is an energetic, extroverted 4 ½ year old who enjoys playing games. He gets along well with others and is close to the children in the orphanage. He can count to 10, recognizes shapes and colors, and is potty trained. He speaks 5-10 word sentences and knows the meanings of cold, tired and hungry. He has a good personality, happy and obedient. He follows instructions of his caretaker and teacher. His favorite part of class is circle time. He understands the emotions of others. He has hemiplegia on the left side and a facial hemangioma. He is special focus so he can be adopted by a single woman who meets CCCWA requirements.

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  1. Kim Hofmaster says:

    Mark is no longer with EAC and I am trying to find him on the shared list…do you have birthdates by any chance? Thank you!

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