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These girls all have little time left to be chosen and be adopted. Could one of them be your daughter?

Meet Tiffany Silk


Tiffany Silk’s story is one of heartbreak, in her short life she has already lost two families. Her birth family left her at 2 months old. She was found by a childless couple who tried to adopt her but they were too young according to adoption law. Before they were able to complete her adoption, their world crashed and they ultimately had to relinquish this child to an orphanage after parenting her for 7 years. She is currently listed with Children’s House International and they are determined to find a forever family for her. Tiffany Silk lives in a wonderful group home where she is known as Candy. She plays the flute! Her special need is Osteogenesis Imperfecta. She was born in April, 2001. For more information please contact Heidi Hawkins.

This blog has a few more pictures of Tiffany.

Meet Tenley


Tenley was born in November 2000 and is a little over 13 years old. She is a friendly, intelligent child who regularly excels in school, studying hard and completing her homework on time. She loves to play with school friends and communicates very well with others. She likes to spend her time playing badminton, and like most teenagers she loves beautiful clothes! Tenley suffers from two blood disorders, but is an otherwise healthy, young girl. She received treatment for one of the blood conditions as an infant, and it is now only a weak positive on tests. Tenley has been in the orphanage since she was just one month old. Because of her age, she will soon be ineligible for adoption and must be with a family before November 2014. There is a $4000 Promise Child Grant for eligible families for this adoption. Interested families may request more information on Tenley from her agency.

Meet Elizabeth


Elizabeth is a beautiful girl born December of 2000. She has exotropia of both eyes; left hemiparalysis along with spastic gaits. Please do not let the long list of special needs discourage you from looking into adopting her! Just wait until you see her videos and read her incredible file. After being placed in a foster family, Elizabeth made a lot of progress and is now described as an active, loving, confident girl who has “rich emotions.” She is also said to be very thoughtful and will rub her foster mother’s back at the end of the day. She is said to have limited use of her left hand and a limp but that she has improved greatly and can do many things. Elizabeth now waits for a family on the shared list, could that family be yours?

Meet Ani


Ani is a beautiful girl born September of 2000, she has been waiting for her family to find her for a very long time. She is not shy with strangers and is said to be an extroverted little girl. She will answer any question that guests ask. She likes to play games with other kids, especially the game of hide and seek—in that game, you can hear her happy laugh often. Ani cannot attend public school because of her special need, so her foster mother teaches her every day. She learns quickly and is able to teach other children what she has learned. She is able to take care of herself and sometimes helps her foster mother. Everyone at her foster home loves her. She has repaired meningocele, anal atresia, and a few deformed toes. Ani is on the shared list.

For more information on beginning the adoption process, contact the Advocacy Team.

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  1. May I please add beautiful Kelly to this list of aging out girls that families may want to consider? Kelly lives at Agape Family Life House in Langfang. She plays the piano and is just amazing! She ages out in mid August of this year. Kelly has SB, corneal leukoma in one eye and she has club feet. There are many photos of her on the Agape site. She is available for adoption through Lifeline.

  2. Praying for Tiffany Silk.

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