waiting child highlight: cataracts

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These three boys have cataracts and are waiting for their families to find them.

Meet Silas


Silas is a handsome ten year old boy born March of 2004. He is described as an outgoing child with a history of congenital cataracts. He enjoys learning English and has a wonderful memory for learning. He has a good appetite, likes a variety of foods and loves music. Smart, happy and eager to learn despite his vision being limited due to the cataracts. He struggles to write and see at a distance. His need for a family who can provide medical treatment for his eyes as well as a loving home grows more urgent each day that he waits. Being part of a family who loves him and can provide for his needs is any child’s greatest desire. This child is no different. Silas has waited so very long for a family of his own, could that family perhaps be yours? Silas is on the shared list and can be adopted by a family or single woman working with any agency.

Meet Kenny


Kenny is a sweet 5 year old. His Chinese name means “Hope he can grow up happily.” He is a normal little guy with a ready smile, a fondness for listening to music, playing toys, play games and watching TV. Kenny came to the orphanage as an infant. He was diagnosed as having congenital bilateral cataracts, congenital bilateral nystagmus, concomitant esotropia. In 2010, Kenny had surgery, and it worked wonders for his sight. Now he just needs a family to love. He is available through Children’s Hope International, contact them for further information.

Meet Zane


Hi, I’m Zane and I am 7 years old! When I was born, I had cataracts on my eyes. I have not had any treatment for them yet, but I am doing great! I went through many different types of therapies, and I have been so brave. I am now walking around all by myself! I am very verbal and I can communicate just like my friends. I love to play games and play with the other kids in the orphanage. My caregivers say that I am energetic and very extroverted!
For more information on Zane, please contact Great Wall China Adoption.

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For more information on how to begin the adoption process, contact the Advocacy Team.

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