Find My Family: Grace

March 12, 2014 by nohandsbutours advocating, cerebral palsy, Children Who Wait 0 Comments

Look at beautiful Grace!! This precious child is 8 years old and is listed as having “postoperative cerebral palsy.”


In her file, she is described as being introverted, shy and timid, and afraid of the sound of thunder and fireworks. It also stated that she loves playing toys (dolls) and listening to music, can sing a song on key after hearing it one time and has a ready smile on her face. She is said to be able to get along with other kids, likes reading picture books, chatting with familiar caretakers, is clear about what she ate, partners’ name, caretakers’ work shift and newcomers. She is said to be able to chat well with close partners and good at expressing herself, but she can be shy with strangers. She is described as a good leader among the children, she’d call the caretaker or manage them if they don’t listen to her. Her file also stated that she likes to have a blanket on her bed to cover her as she sleeps and that she would cry if there was no blanket with her.


Oh my goodness, this child needs a momma to hold her when it storms and tuck her in at night with her special blanket! Grace is on the shared list and can be adopted by a family or single woman working with any agency.

Read more about Cerebral Palsy here.

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