waiting child highlight: House of Love graduates

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The following children were cared for at the House of Love, a facility in Guilin supported by An Orphan’s Wish.


Alec was born in May 2011 and was abandoned shortly after birth. Alec has anophthalmia (congenital absence of one eye), digestive issues and developmental delays. Alec’s digestive issues prevented him for the longest time from eating consistently by mouth and feedings tubes had to be used repeatedly over time to help maintain his nutrition. However Alec was recently diagnosed with severe reflux and given medicine for it. This has worked wonders for this sweet boy. He is now able to eat, gain weight and strength and is overall much more comfortable. Alec was very delayed when he arrived in the care of the House of Love sponsored by An Orphan’s Wish.


However, with better nutrition, tender loving care and therapies he made great progress, developing strength to hold his head, sit with assistance and interact with nannies and children. Alec has continued his progress under the care of China Little Flower and he can now sit without assistance, and is working on crawling. Alec is a gentle little boy with a loving heart. He can recognize familiar faces and expresses joy at seeing the people he knows. He loves hugs and cuddles and his smile brightens up the room. Alec needs a forever family open to some unknowns about his future development.

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Alec’s file is on the shared list.


Alice was born in March 2012 and just turned 2 years old. Alice is a precious little girl with limb differences.



She is full of smiles, giggles and laughter. Alice can sit by herself and loves to play. She also loves to dress up and cuddle with stuffed animals.

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Alice is listed as Maisey with Great Wall – to learn more about her contact Kim.


Emily was born in September 2003 and is 10 years old. Emily has a displaced hip and walks with a corrective elevated shoe. The displaced hip has caused some curvature in her spine, but it does not seem to affect her much at this point. Emily also has eczema.


Emily has the biggest smile and is a joyful soul. Emily loves life and Emily loves big. She is a girly-girl and lover of all things pretty, such as fairy princess dresses, hair accessories, teddy bears and dolls.


Emily has a kind and caring heart and is genuinely concerned with the well-being of others around her, such as younger children or special needs people. Emily loves school and is conscientious in her work. She is a sweetheart.

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Emily’s file is with Great Wall. To learn more, contact Jessie.

For more information or with questions in regard to beginning the adoption process feel free to contact the Advocacy Team.

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