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Hi, I’m Quentin! I am a shy boy but I can be very active too. I have a good appetite and my caregivers think I am very clever. A wonderful group called Love Without Boundaries helped me receive treatment for my serious heart defect (single ventricle, complete endocardial cushion defect and persistent truncus arteriosus). Since my surgery in 2012, they have helped me live with a foster family and I have grown so much. I get wonderful care from my foster family and I love chasing after the other children. My foster family thinks I am a lovely boy even though I can be timid too. I am listed with GWCA, contact them for more information or to see my file.



Jax is a precious little one who is almost 2 years old. He has been in care since he was an infant. Jax was born with a small spinal meningocele, which was repaired when he was 4 months old. A VP shunt was placed when he was 8 months old for the hydrocephalus. Both surgeries went very well. Jax”s surgery report states he has a cleft palate, but his medical report does not include this. Jax has movement of his legs, but not a lot of feeling. He is now able to creep along, but is not crawling. Jax”s fine motor skills are very good. He needs PT to help him begin to use his legs to their full potential. Jax”s overall development is a bit behind, but he is working as hard as a baby can to learn and progress every day. Jax needs a mommy and daddy! He is listed with Heartsent Adoptions, contact them for more information or to see his file.



Zack is a sweet four year old who likes to sing and dance for his foster mother. He is studying in kindergarten of his orphanage. He can tell a whole story right and has a rich imagination. He can distinguish between colors. He likes to play with toy cars, he can ride car and get off it by himself and control the steering wheel. Zack plays well with other children and likes to share. Everyone in his classroom likes to play with him. He is a good helper for his teacher, he can help his teacher clean tables, he always keep smile when his teacher praise him. Zack has received surgery for his special need. He was born with lumbar myelomeningocele. His nannies say that he can now walk well with corrective shoes. He is listed with CHI, contact them for more information or to preview his file.



This cute little boy was found abandoned on Nov 11th, 2011 and was admitted to the local orphanage the same day. According to his physical development, his date of birth was estimated to be Mar of 2010. Upon admission, he was diagnosed with a urogenital difference. He also is noted to have slight facial asymmetry. He was reported to have had good physical development at time of intake and has continuing to develop well. He has been moved into foster family since coming into care. The most recent information available is from May 2012 and updated information can be requested. In 2012, Colton was described as a little boy with strong personality! His language communication was described as slower than usual when he first transitioned to foster care. He is also described as shy and somewhat introverted with strangers. When he feels comfortable he opens up and shows his mischievous and playful side. He is said to be closest with his caregiver likes playing with other children. Colton would like to have a family who is comfortable with his condition and can provide the support and medical resources he needs. He is listed with Holt, contact them for more information.

For more information on beginning the adoption journey, contact The Advocacy Team.

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