waiting child highlight: Lifeline

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The following waiting children are all listed with Lifeline. Please contact them for more information.

Collin Male age 3 years, left auditory meatus, aural deformity, left facial paralysis, HGB, HCT, MCV, MCH are low, suggest thalassemia test. Collin is such a sweet little boy who is described as being quiet and shy. Collin likes watching TV and listening to music with the other children. Collin is closest to his caretakers but gets along well with the other children. Collin’s favorite activity is to sit on the wooden horse. His favorite toys are cars. To learn more about Collin, please contact his Lifeline social worker.


Kyan Male 3½ years. Meningocele (post-op); hydrocephalus (post-op); right hernia (post-op).

Kyan is a sweet and shy little boy. He is currently in foster care at his orphanage. He has had his spina bifida repaired and had a shunt placed for his hydrocephalus. He does not seem to have ongoing issues with these medical needs, but will need to be followed closely. Kyan smiles a lot and is shy, but interactive. His nannies report that he likes to ask questions and that he can be stubborn. For more information about Kyan, please contact your Lifeline worker, please contact his Lifeline worker.


Addy Female 3 years. Skull deformity.

Addy is an outgoing, talkative little girl. She loves playing outside with the nannies, singing, and enjoys bright colors, especially purple. Her caregivers say she is ready to smile, is helpful, and is known to give other children massages. Addy has a skull deformity as well as shortened forearms and fingers. Addy is waiting for her forever family! To find out more about Addy, please contact her Lifeline Social Worker.


Hero (SF). Male. 3 years. Repaired VSD and developmental delay.

Hero is a sweet little boy who is listed as having a repaired VSD and developmental delay. Our team has enjoyed getting to see and interact with this little one during many of our trip to Zhuhai. Our team has observed Hero to be smart and interactive. He likes to clap and give high fives. He is observant and likes to sit back and take in all that goes on around him. His teacher shares that he is active and learns quickly. His favorite activities are riding a bike and playing with balls. To learn more about Hero, please contact his Lifeline social worker.


For more information on beginning the adoption journey contact the Advocacy Team.

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