waiting child highlight: Osteogenesis Imperfecta

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Abel Update: My family has found me!


Abel is a handsome ten year old waiting on the shared list for a family. He came into care as a newborn and is diagnosed with OI. He is unable to walk and get around in a wheelchair. He is a very hard working boy, putting a lot of effort into his studies, he cries if he does not do as well as he had hoped to. He has been in foster care and has had several bone fractures. An American therapist works with him weekly and he reportedly is improving with these therapies. He is gentle and cute. He can get along well with other children, he has many friends. He is rarely ill.




Mary is an adorable child who has been diagnosed with osteogenesis imperfecta (OI). Due to her condition she cannot walk alone and needs the assistance of a wheel chair. Mary came into care only 2 days after being born. In 2007 Mary was sent to live with a foster family. Mary likes music and singing. She especially likes playing with other children. She gets along very well with others. Mary has good communication abilities and is a quick learner. She loves singing to the other children and is well liked by her caretakers. Mary is an active and open child with a contagious smile! She is waiting for a family or single mama to call her own, she is on the shared list.




Benjamin is a sweet 8 year old boy who was found at the age of two. He has undergone surgery and casting, reportedly healing well from these procedures. He has waited on the shared list for a family for a long time and his file is quite old, an interested family could easily ask for an update to include recent pictures. His file states he has normal cognitive development.




Sweet little Caleb is now nine years old. His file is also very old and could really use an update. His file states he has: deformed thorax, scoliolosis, dysostosis, old catagma on the top of left femur, cyrtosis of right femur. He was found at the estimated age of two. He is a well-behaved, lovely and sensible little boy. He has a ready smile, loves to know new things and is easy to understand new things. Since his own physical limitation, the functions of his lower limbs are not that good and he is not able to walk, run and jump as other normal children. However he would sit along with caregivers and listen to the stories. He often is praised by the teachers for his sweet behavior. Caleb waits for a family or single woman to adopt him on the shared list.




Dennis is 13 years old and has a history of meningocele and osteogenesis imperfecta. The orphanage reports: “He has good mental development. With our teaching and rehabilitation, his physical status, attention, memory, ideation, imagination and the development of will, personality and character are improved. With the rehabilitation training, he can take water with a glass, feed himself, make some things in various forms with plasticene, and turn around sitting in the wheelchair.” He also waits on the shared list for a family to make them their son.


Please contact the Advocacy Team for more information on any of these children or guidance on beginning the adoption process.

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