waiting child highlight: albinism

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Gabe, male, 3 years old. Albinism. Gabe is described by his caretakers as an extroverted and active boy. He enjoys spending time with others and will request hugs and hold hands with his caretakers. Gabe is a smart little boy who enjoys reading picture books, playing games and listening to music. He gets along well with others and is known for having a ready smile. This sweet boy is waiting to have a forever home of his own. Gabe is listed with Lifeline, contact them for more information.



Oscar is five and he is a fabulous little guy. He has a grant with Reece’s Rainbow of over $1700.00. He is listed right now with Heartsent, known as Oscar. He is smart, lively, and a precious boy. He has grown up with love from the nannies and I have seen several videos of him when he was listed with Lifeline. He is intelligent and goes to school now. He is also empathetic and obedient. Contact Heartsent for more information.



Wyatt was born in 2005 and loves to be outside in all types of weather-including snow. He’s very easygoing, and gets along well with the other children. He likes playing with all the different playground equipment and lots of games. Once he gets to know you a little he becomes talkative and has a ready open smile. He has a great ability to imitate, strong language skills, expresses himself well and is generally a great communicator. He’s a boy that could just be a joy to talk with around the kitchen table. Wyatt has albinism and nystagmus (involuntary eye movements). He’s quiet and shy at first which might be because of his weaker vision; he doesn’t see objects clearly, so his actions can seem a bit timid and slow. He sees colors fine. His gross motor development is stronger than his fine motor skills. He adapts easily and has strong self care skills. When it comes to eating he has a reputation for having possibly the largest appetite in the dining room! Wyatt is a hard worker and received an important prize from all the teachers at his school. He enjoys numbers, studying and gets average marks in school in all his subjects. He follows all the rules of his school and is especially respectful of his teachers. He’s a leader that unites his classmates. To assist with this adoption there is a $4000 adoption Grant for qualifying families. Contact WACAP for more information.



Ian is a boy with a great memory. If you say a phone number quickly just twice he can remember it. At school he’s a good student, respects his teachers, studies hard, speaks kindly and helps other classmates. He’s often praised by his teachers and classmates. He’s ready with a smile, loves books and music and playing with other children. This energetic boy has always loved cars and has started out in the driver’s seats of the big toy yellow truck or blue car zooming through the yard. He has vision concerns related to albinism. His visual acuity has affected some aspects of his development, especially fine motion. His mental growth examination in 2008 showed he’s in the normal range in his gross motor skills, adaptability, language and sociability. His weight, height, and head size are all normal as well. Ian is an introverted child, and sometimes even timid. This may be related to the nurturing style of his foster family. His foster parents tend to be over-protective and he relies heavily on them in social situations. Ian has been a bit sheltered and it would increase his social and communication skills if he had more opportunities to interact with people. He has great language skills and is independent in his self-care activities. He’s described as “such a good boy” who deserves the love and security of a permanent family.
To assist with this adoption there is a $4000 adoption Grant for qualifying families. Contact WACAP for more information.



Bobby is a sweet little boy who likes to have the approval and encouragement of his nannies. If he does things well, his nannies cheer him on and give him “thumbs up” and he will be very happy and will continue to try to please them. When he first came to the orphanage, he was a very sickly little boy. On top of that, when he was about two years old, he came down with a severe case of hand-foot-mouth disease for which he was hospitalized and set his development back a bit. His orphanage reports that with careful treatment, attention, and encouragement, he has improved a great deal and has recovered well. He enjoys looking at picture books and listening to music. He has a ready smile, but he is shy and introverted and speaks very softly. Bobby was born with albinism and has horizontal nystagmus as is common in children with this condition. His medical report also notes that his head is a little bit big and he was previously diagnosed with hydrocephalus. To assist with this adoption there is a $2000 adoption Grant for qualifying families. Contact WACAP for more information.



Eva is a pretty young lady who enjoys playing with the other children at the orphanage. She enjoys music and likes to sing and dance. She goes to school but she is described as “a little weak in studying.” Her mental development and behavior is described as being the same as other children her age. She is able to read, write, and draw but she is sensitive to light due to her albinism. She is able to take care of her own daily needs. Some of her favorite things include jumping on the trampoline and playing with dolls! Eva is an active little girl who is quiet but has a ready smile. She could greatly benefit from some one-on-one attention from a family of her own. To assist with this adoption there is a $2000 adoption Grant for qualifying families. Contact WACAP for more information.

For more information on beginning the adoption process please contact the Advocacy Team.

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  1. Kristin says:

    Thanks for advocating for the waiting kiddos with albinism. I am privileged to advocate for another sweet boy named JASON. Read the post below and see why he touched my heart and a glimpse into how we made the final decision to adopt a child with albinism! Includes a video link. Can’t wait to find out who his family will be!

    “Come and Get Me! Introducing Jason” http://mad.ly/ce34b4

  2. Kristin says:

    P.S. Jason is on the shared list

  3. Jennifer says:

    We’ve recently adopted an amazing little boy with albinism. For prospective adoptive parents: please know that there are active Facebook groups and a whole bunch of generous BTDT parents (including Kristin!) who can help answer questions. Albinism is, in my opinion, such a manageable need, but children need families to thrive.

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