Find My Family: Olive

April 30, 2014 by nohandsbutours advocating, Children Who Wait, girls, Heartsent Adoptions 0 Comments

Olive is a very pretty little girl who is 8 years old. She came into care as an infant, and was diagnosed with hydrocephalus. She, to our knowledge, has not received surgery. Olive’s development has been a bit delayed, but she is an active and happy girl. She loves school, where she is very careful when doing her work. Olive is a social little girl, who always lets her friends go first when they play. Olive likes to sing and dance, and enjoys performing for others. She joined a Half The Sky program 3 years ago. Olive may or may not require treatment for her hydrocephalus; her family may not know for sure until she comes home. Olive needs a loving family, a big backyard with a swingset, and lots of kids in the neighborhood!


An update was received at the beginning of April on Olive. She had 3 seizures in 2012, was put on Depakote, and has not had another seizure since. Her balance can be an issue when she runs. She has a learning disability; it takes her longer to retain new information than other kids her age. Her current height is 51.5 inches and her weight is 64 pounds.


Olive is designated to Heartsent, contact them for more information.

Contact the Advocacy Team for questions regarding beginning the adoption journey.

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