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Sonny is a 7 year old listed with Madison Adoption Associates via a Journey of Hope camp. He is post-operative cleft lip and palate and deaf. Sonny is generally a happy boy, but will cry when he feels wronged. The MAA staffed observed that he had good interaction with his caretaker. He attends a boarding school for deaf children. He likes doing math problems. Sonny is often bullied by a group of girls, but does not fight back. His caretakers say he shuts down when he is angry. His cleft lip and palate have been repaired. He has good physical and mental development. He can make sounds to communicate and is very independent. He is an affectionate and cuddly little guy! Sonny has a Journey of Hope Grant of $3,500. MAA’s agency fee will be $3,000. Sonny also has a grant on Reece’s Rainbow.

Sonny likes cartoons, children’s programs, and PE. He also likes the outdoors, all kinds of toys, especially toy guns. Seeing other children, he will play happily with them. He also likes shopping and going to the supermarket. He is clever, active, lovely, and a favorite. Although he cannot hear or cannot speak, his emotion expression is rich and cute. He looks happy and innocent. For more information on Sonny, please fill out a free waiting child review form. Videos: Here and here. Password: Adoptmaa

2007, April 17th, Sonny3


Donny, born in March 2004, entered the institution at age 2. He’s mostly a well behaved kid but can be silly and rambunctious sometimes too. He is a typical active boy and loves to ride bikes and will grab one of any size and shape and take it for a spin. He reads lips and is quick to understand body language; he’s deaf and doesn’t have verbal speech. He needs a family willing to get him evaluated for the possibility of hearing aids, sign language training and other assistance for the deaf. A family that could introduce him to deaf culture could improve his life by leaps and bounds! He likes to play with other children outside on the playground on the slides and swings, and enjoys dancing too. Where can you find Donny? He’s a talented athlete so look on the basketball court or try to catch him running on the track which is now his favorite place to be. He also enjoys attending school and since his first introduction to books he fell in love with reading and is reluctant to give back the books he likes best. What a life changer for him it would be to actually have a book of his own for keeps.

Since July 2011, Donny has had the opportunity to live with a family and has received more attentive care from these parents. Donny has a strong self management skills and pays attention to his personal appearance, washes his own clothes, keeps his room orderly and helps other children in the “Love Home”. This growing boy has a good appetite, isn’t a picky eater and appreciates a tasty dinner so start planning the meals you’ll cook for him! To assist with this adoption there is a $4000 Adoption Grant for qualifying families. Contact WACAP for more information.

2004, March 5th, Donny aka XLA


Jace is a six year old boy with a cute face and a very sweet demeanor. He smiled at all of us and was able to make eye contact with whoever was interacting with him. He did not appear to be afraid of strangers and seemed capable of communicating using body language or simple sign language. We were told that Jace can’t hear, but he can make sounds. The orphanage informed us that they are planning to get him hearing aids to see if that will help him. Jace attends school in the orphanage and is able to dress himself and go to the bathroom on his own. He is close to his caregivers and likes to be around people. His caregiver stated that likes to watch cartoons with other children and has no trouble understanding the content. Jace instantly charmed each person in the room and would thrive in a family where he could learn to communicate more efficiently with the world around him. Jace is on the shared list, but WACAP will offer a $4,000 Promise Child grant for his adoption for an eligible family.

2007, August 23rd, Jace


Xin (pronounced Shin) is a 7 year old deaf boy from China who needs an adoptive family. He was born with club feet but his feet were in casts in 2008 and he now walks and runs normally. He attends a school for deaf children, where he does well. He does not know ASL. Xin will be visiting the US for three weeks in July. We are looking for a family who would like to host Xin during his visit with the goal of adopting him after all required paperwork is done. East Coast families are preferred, but families near Chicago or Atlanta or possibly other areas may be considered. China permits single women and married heterosexual couples to adopt. At least one parent must make a two week trip to China to complete the adoption and bring Xin home. For more information, please email Patrice Gancie.


For more information on how to begin the adoption process contact The Advocacy Team.

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