Waiting child highlight: BAAS

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All of the following waiting children are listed with BAAS, contact them for more information or to view their files.

Introducing Lawton

Lawton, male, born in November of 2011 was admitted into the Children’s Welfare Institute in February of 2012. Physical condition: 1.postoperative esophageal atresia corrective surgery and retrograde dilatation surgery; 2. postoperative tracheoesophageal fistula ligation, tracheoesophageal fistula closure surgery. In the spring of 2013, Lawton could walk without help. He liked the big mirror in his room, he would pat the mirror and giggle. He would touch his face and nose, kiss himself in the mirror. He liked riding on plastic horse, he would grasp its ears and move his body forward and backward when sitting on it, play happily. Although Lawton was weak when he was a baby, his mental development has been good, and he is smart, has good imitation ability, learns fast when adults teaches him, can do gestures like goodbye, blow kiss, welcome, tease bug, full, wink. He took retrograde dilatation surgery successfully July of 2013, he was discharged on the third day. After returning to the institute the caretaker followed the doctor’s advice, give him fluid food, give him more meals and less amount for each meal. Lawton recovers well, has chubby face, he is a smart baby, has rich language, can speak grandma, mum, dad, candy, ask familiar people get it for him when he wants something. He likes listening to music, move his body with music when we play children’s songs in the activity room, which was very funny, Lawton was curious, although he is interested in pictures and phones, often play his foster mother’s phone. Lawton is a smart baby, active, energetic , has a ready smile, likes listening to music, playing toys. He likes playing games with other kids, he is gregarious.

Lawton 1

Introducing Braden

Braden, male, was born in August of 2008. He was admitted into the CWI in April of 2013. His special needs are: 1. concomitant exotropia of both eyes; 2.delayed physical quality; 3. deformity of both lower limbs. On admission Braden was 5 years old, he looked smart from his black and glimmer eyes, he could walk without help although he has deformity of lower limb. Braden went to the “Little sisters program class” of Half of the Sky Program, Before long Braden found senses of belonging in his class, sat still initially, played games with other kids quietly before classes, interacted with teachers in the program, would not leave his seat randomly. He is a smart boy, good at learning new things, common sense and language, although he is disabled, he walks more stable and better wearing the bracket, he can even run and jump. In Jun.2013, Braden entered into Kinship home where he had his parents and siblings. Braden becomes more active, he often told teachers what his mother have taught him. Sometimes he speaks of cartoon movies he has watched and tells other kids stories. In the September, Braden went to the kindergarten, he has made obvious progress, can distinguish red, yellow, green, black, know shapes, triangles, can write 1-5, has rich language, good operative ability, performs well in the blocks building and manual activity. Braden has deformity of his feet, we gave him proper bracket for him, he has no problem in daily walking, he has good self-management ability, can have meals, take on and off clothes, go to toilet without help, can take on and off the bracket. He is an active and energetic boy, likes interacting and playing with others, gets along well with family members and other kids. You can view Braden’s video here.

Braden 2

Introducing Jeremy

Jeremy, male, was born in June of 2012. He was admitted into the CWI in July of 2012. His special need is postoperative transverse colostomy. On admission Jeremy was 10 days old, he had congenital anorectal, he had poor physical development when admitted. Jeremy had poor appetite on admission, had poor digest function, pale, thin, short and thin of four limbs, he was weak, caretaker gave him delicate care. In Sep.2012, he entered into infant raising program under the aid of half-sky fund, he had his own mother and got more care. After 3 months, Jeremy has made progress, becomes heavier and better, his chubby face becomes flushing. Jeremy liked shaking his hands when lying on the mattress and play, kick his legs and amuse himself, he would visually follow moving toys if his mother shake toys with bright color in front of him, sometimes stretch his hand and grasp stick toy his mother gives him, he has good control of his head, can turn and look at both sides. In the spring of 2013, Jeremy had better physical condition, he began to become interested in people and objects around him, liked looking around through his eyes, stretch for toys with bright color and pictures, sometimes called mama clearly. Jeremy was qualified to take second surgery. On Jun.3,2013, we sent him to Huaxi Hospital of Sichuan University, he took perineoanoplasty under the help of laparoscopy under general anesthesia on Jun.5 successfully, Jeremy returned to the institute after 4 days of treatment. Jeremy was given soap treatment according to regular postoperative care everyday, we add some salt and gentamicin in boiling water, put him sit in the tub for 15 minutes at proper temperature, gave him medicine, and keep his anus clean and dry. Besides, caregivers continued to do anal dilatation everyday, he cried hard at first, but cooperated after getting used to it. Currently, Jeremy does not need anal dilatation any more, we would arrange third surgery for him recently. Since he had poor physical condition when he was young, his motor skills were delayed when compared with children of his age, but we can see his progress, he can transfer from stand and sit to lying on back, can get toys he likes by turn over or crawling, can stand up for a while against objects, he can understand some instructions from adults, can clap his hands for welcome and wave to say goodbye. He can make sounds of Ohlala, Ohlala when happy as if he is singing, which is very cute. You can view Jeremy’s videos here and here.

Long Qi Jin 1

Introducing Weston

Weston was born September of 2011 and was admitted into the CWI in September of 2013. His special need is deformity of his wrist joints. He was 10 days old when admitted. After admission, he received loving care from the caregivers. He can walk without help and can pick up things with his hands. He is an obedient, quiet and pleasing boy who likes to play with toys. Weston is a beautiful boy who is waiting for his forever family. You can view Weston’s video here.


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