Waiting child highlight: congenital adrenal hyperplasia

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Meet Louise! When Louise came into care at 5 years old, she was very shy and quiet. When anyone would talk to her, she would lower her head and rarely speak back. At 6 she was placed with a foster family. She enjoyed this very much and is very close to her foster brother who is wheel-chair bound. After almost 4 years with her foster family, she is a more confident child. She enjoys school and will answer questions out loud in class. Louise loves to help! She will often help her teachers with classroom jobs. Helping her fellow classmates and her foster brother puts a smile on her face! Her shyness has all but disappeared, and her caretakers say she has an “inner heart as bright as the sunshine!”


And this is Jenni! Jenni has been in her orphanage since she was very young. She is said to be an “extrovert”, but is initially shy with strangers. She attends school at the orphanage and is a hard worker. Concepts taught by her teachers are easily grasped. At age 7, she knew 10 Tang poems, several children’s songs, could write simple Chinese words, and knew simple addition and subtraction. Drawing, however, is what she loves! She likes to draw people and share her works with others. Her teachers and caretakers all like her and praise her as a good helper. Her caretakers say she although she has “deep emotion” for her orphanage, she “hopes to have a real home in which her parents love her.”


Both of these sweet girls have been diagnosed with congenital adrenal hyperplasia. Their adrenal glands lack an enzyme needed to make certain hormones. This is treated with daily oral medication (typically 3-4 times a day) for life.

There are some wonderful resources available for families affected by this condition. A file review by a pediatric endocrinologist is suggested as well.
National Adrenal Diseases Foundation
The MAGIC Foundation
The CARES Foundation

To read about parenting a child with CAH, check out this family’s blog.

Louise and Jenni are currently both on the shared list, so their files may be obtained through any agency with a China program. They are both eligible for a $4000 grant through WACAP for qualified families who choose to use WACAP as their placing agency. Contact WACAP for more information.

For more information on beginning the adoption journey contact the Advocacy Team.

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  1. Louise, praying a home is found for you!

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