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Rider – male, 1 year old. Albinism. Rider is an adorable 12 month old baby boy who loves to eat and crawl all over the place! For more information about Rider, please contact Lifeline.


Finch – male, 1 ½ years old. Cerebrovascular malformation and mild hydrocephalus. Finch is an adorable one year old boy who loves stacking toys and being outside. He is learning to feed himself and his nannies report he has great language for a child his age! Finch has been diagnosed as having cerebrovascular malformation and mild hydrocephalus, his CT scans are available. For more information about Finch, please contact Lifeline.


Benny – male, 2 years old. (SN) Meningocele (post-op); hydrocephalus (post-op); scoliosis. Benny is a pure joy. Our Lifeline team had so much fun with this little guy. Some observations from our time with Benny include noticing his constant smile, the ease with which he engaged with others, and his contagious belly laugh when tickled. This little guy lights up when he receives encouragement and is cheered on in whatever he is doing. He seemed to really enjoy learning new things. His nannies report that he is very cooperative and obedient, that he is smart and curious. For more information about Benny, please contact Lifeline.


Diana – female, 2 ½ years old. Congenital dislocation of bilaterial hips (dysplasia), knees valgus. Diana is a sweet little girl who is adored by her caregivers. She is quiet but able to express her needs. Diana enjoys activities outdoors, playing games and watching cartoons. Diana likes to play with toys, reading books and she especially enjoys playing with dolls. This beautiful little girl is ready to flourish in her forever family! For more information about Diana, please contact Lifeline.


Dora – female, 3 years old. Congenital ventricular septal defect, patent ductusarteriosus, patent foramen ovale, pulmonary artery hypertension (severe). Dora is a sweet little girl with a fun personality! She has difficulty expressing her needs clearly but has found other ways to express herself. She loves listening to music and will clap her hands along with the melody. Dora loves to have her picture taken and will never miss an opportunity to be in a photo. She is an energetic and active little girl who will bring lots of fun to her forever family! For more information about Dora, please contact Lifeline.


Bella – female, 1 ½ years old. Bella is a beautiful little girl who is sure to melt you heart! She is a happy little girl and is known to laugh out loud! Bella is a quiet girl who is close with her caretakers. She enjoys listening to music and likes to play with toys that make sounds. This sweet little girl is ready and waiting for her forever family! For more information about Bella, please contact Lifeline.


For more information about beginning the adoption journey, contact the Advocacy Team.

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