waiting child highlight: two boys on the shared list

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Donnie is an adorable little boy who came into care at his orphanage as a malnourished, premature infant. He is fairly shy and loves to play ball and be outside. Donnie has also been diagnosed with concomitant extropia (eyes) and delays have also been noted in his file. His file would benefit from an update since it was prepared in 2012.


This little sweetheart, Tim, just turned 7 years old. His personality is described as active, outgoing, and fairly restless. He gets along well with others in his orphanage but is closest to his caretakers. He loves to sing, play with blocks, and eat apples and eggs! Tim needs a special family who is willing to love and care for him in spite of his challenges. He has been diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and is noted to have intellectual delays. But just look at that sweet smile! And with all of his energy and personality, he does not seem like the type to back away from the challenges that his diagnosis may bring!

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Many resources are available for families to learn about cerebral palsy:
United Cerebral Palsy
Children’s Hospital St. Louis
March of Dimes
Yahoo Adopt Cerebral Palsy Group

Donnie and Tim are both on the shared list, so their files are available through any agency with a China program. For information on beginning the adoption journey, please contact the Advocacy Team.

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