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The following waiting children are all listed with Around the World Adoptions.

Eve: Female born 1/2011 liver hemangioma, deaf, mild hemiplegia on right side. From her update in April of 2014: She does not respond to sound. She is deaf. Hemiplegia has affected her. She can walk alone now, but her steps are not very steady. She can grab and hold toys with both hands, but she prefer to use her left hand. She got an ultra-sound test on September 5, 2013, it showed that her liver tumor did not develop after she stopped medication. She has heart ultra sound test on April 3, 2014, her heart structure is normal. Her acleistocardia has cured. She is very open and active. She likes to smile. She likes to interact with other people. She is very attached to people who cares about her. If you pay attention to her, her mood is good, and she can take your orders. If you do not pay attention to her, or you can not satisfy her need, she can be impatient and stubborn. Due to her deaf, she can not speak, she does not understand caregiver’s instructions well. Her mental development is about 2 year old. Click to watch videos 1 and 2.


Leo: Male 3/2012 Diagnosis: the possibility of considering of congenital cerebral porosis is big, communicating hydrocephalus. From his update in April of 2014: His medical condition remains the same as before, no big improvement. He received no new surgery. He is under rehabilitation training from March to June in Zhuzhou City. Mental and language development He can pick up biscuit by himself, he can play toys. He can say “Pa, Ah” and other simple words. He can clap his hands and wave good-bye if you ask him to do. His mental and language development are about the level of a normal 1 year old child. Motor skills development He can grab and hold toys. He can exchange toys between two hands. He can not sit well, he needs hand support when sitting alone. His motor skill development is about the level of a 1 year old child. Social development and personality: He is shy and introverted. He is attached to his caregiver. See his video here.


Adam: Male 3/2012 Spina bifida (meningomyelocele). From his update in April of 2014: His mental development is normal. He can understand what caregivers said. His language development is improving, he can say “1,2” and other simple words. He can crawl, he can sit alone, he can stand with some support. He can grab and hold toys. He is active and lovely. He likes to smile, he likes to play with other kids. He gets along well with other kids and caregivers. Watch his video here.


Micah: Male 1/2011 Hydrocephalus. His condition has been stable. He can see, but his sight has affected his learning. He can say double syllable words, he can point to his body parts. His mental development is about a 2 year old normal kid. The motor skill of his right part body is weaker than his left part. His motor skill development is about a 2 year old normal kid. He is open and active. He can be initiative to say hello to other people. He likes to be with other people. Watch his two videos 1 and 2.


Cody: 12/2007 CHD. From February 2014 update: He had heart surgery December of 2013. He likes very much to imitate, he can recite children rhymes, Chinese ancient poems and etc. He can recognize the red, blue, purple and other colors. He can have simple communications with adults. He can stand, walk and jump. Since he just had heart surgery and is relatively weak, he can not do sports or play games for long time yet. He likes to swing, slip from sliders, and play building block toys. He is open, he likes to be close to his teachers and he gets along well with other kids. Videos 1 and 2.


Contact Mary with ATWA for more information on any of these waiting children.

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