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Brandon is a precious little boy who will turn 8 this summer. Look at that SMILE!!

Brandon cropped

Brandon is a shy young man who came into care at the age of 3 years old. At first he had a difficult time adjusting to life in the orphanage. But with the help of his teachers and peers, he began to settle in to his new environment. Now he is in a Half the Sky program and lives with his foster parents and 3 foster siblings. New people and situations seem uncomfortable to him. He is hesitant to interact with people he in not familiar with, but he plays well with his family members and is quite talkative with them. Brandon’s original file notes mental delays. However, he has made much progress since joining his foster family. He still does not speak much, but his speech has seen great improvement. And although he rarely initiates conversations, he does respond correctly to questions he is asked. He attends school where is is considered average for his learning and academics.


A recent update suggests that Brandon is a healthy boy with a ready smile. He has normal motor function in relation to his peers and takes care of himself in day to day tasks such as getting dressed and using the restroom. He enjoys watching TV and playing with toy cars. His original file mentioned that he loved to sing, and he update said the same thing! Perhaps he is a musician in the making!

Some general resources in parenting a child with special needs can be found here:
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Brandon is currently on the shared list, so any agency with a China program will be able to access his file. However, he is eligible for a $4,000 grant for qualified families who choose to use WACAP as their placing agency. For more information on beginning the adoption journey towards Brandon, please contact the Advocacy Team or WACAP.

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