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June 20, 2014 by nohandsbutours advocacy; complex heart defects, advocating, Children Who Wait, girls, Heartsent Adoptions 5 Comments

Macy is a precious nine year old girl who has waited for her family to find her for a very long time. Her file has bounced from one agency to another, without ever being chosen. She is currently listed with Heartsent Adoptions.


Macy has been diagnosed with CHD (VSD after repair) and PH. She has also shown slightly lower growth indexes. At present, Macy has good general health status and shows no signs of tachypnea or purple lips nor does she need to take any medication. As her heart condition was complicated her development has been delayed.


Her caregivers note that she has made big improvements after her CHD operation. She is active and lovely girl who always has a ready smile. She is very outgoing and gets along well with the other children. She shows good manners and greets the caretakers every morning. Her greatest wish is for a family of her own.


For more information on Macy, contact her current agency, Heartsent. For more information on beginning the adoption journey, contact the Advocacy Team.

5 Responses to “Find My Family: Macy”

  1. trish64012 says:

    I think I recall Macy as an infant. At the time, China didn’t allow single women to adopt. Now that they do allow single women to adopt, I have aged out at 50 ++ :( I am the single Mom of what was sickly baby boy that I adopted 10 years ago, who is now happy and healthy, and so wonderful that everyday he amazes me more and more…… But there is an ache in my heart for one more child that is younger than my son, and has a workable / correctable handicap.

  2. Trish, my husband and I were 58 when we adopted our now 12 yr. old daughter, 1 1/2 years ago. We had no trouble getting pre-approval.

  3. Kelly P says:

    Trish – I’m 52, single, and working on my third adoption, a 9 year old boy. The general rule is no more than 45 years age difference, but it is routinely waived for special focus kids (of which this little girl is), especially older ones. I think you should definitely look into it!! Some agencies are more “by the book” than others, so find one who is willing to go to bat for you!

  4. Ellen says:

    I’d encourage anyone who is considering adoption to consider Macy. Our daughter has a repaired VSD and is fine. I’d be calling about her tomorrow if we were eligible but my husband has cancer so we can’t. (I’ve tried to get a waiver but he has stage 4 brain cancer.) Please consider Macy.

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