Find My Family: York

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Twelve year old York is waiting for a family in China and is listed with Madison Adoption Associates via a Journey of Hope camp. York is a very active and social boy. His caretaker describes him as shy, but friendly. He is a good student who is focused and has great potential. He attends 6th grade, reads and writes, and is very independent. York likes to play sports, including hacky sack, soccer, and basketball. York has a sensitive special need. He has not had any surgeries yet and he identifies as a boy. York has a Journey of Hope Grant of $3,500. MAA’s agency fee will be $3,000. Videos: 1 and 2. Password: Adoptmaa


From his file: York lives with a foster family. When he reached school age, he was accepted by a primary school near his foster family’s home. After going to school, he cherishes learning opportunities. His academic performance is not great, but he is a hard worker. York has a strong sense of participation in collective activities. He is actively involved in the spring and autumn games and the spring and fall outing annually organized by the school. He will actively take the initiative to take part in the project. In one spring game, York got the group first place in the “relay race” event and got his own personal third in skipping events. During the competition, students and their teachers are all his cheering to inspire him. He felt very happy. Through the games he recognized his value, Which enhanced his sense of belonging and accomplishment.


He is also very positive and shows concern for the teachers and other students by sharing snacks with them. Everyone likes to associate with him. At home, he can set the table, sweep after a meal, stack his own small quilts, and help take care of the little sister in the family. If you are interested in learning more about York, please fill out a free Prospective Adoptive Parents- Waiting Child Review Form. He has a Reece’s Rainbow Account here.

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