Find My Family: Hanson

June 28, 2014 by nohandsbutours Family Found 0 Comments

Update: My family has found me!


Hi! I’m Hanson! Due to my epidermolysis bullosa I see doctors and nurses a lot so I have a good relationship with them. Even though I get sores on my body, I rarely cry and I try to be very strong! I can be quiet but I love getting to play with the other children. I can walk with one hand held, and will cooperate when getting dressed. I like to sing and play with toys but I especially love getting to go outside. I understand what my caregivers say to me and I can express my needs as well as follow directions. My caretakers get nervous of me playing with other children due to my condition, but I really like getting to play around. I always have a ready smile and am a very active girl!


Hanson is listed with Great Wall Adoptions, contact them to review her file.

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