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All of the following children are listed with Small World Adoption Agency. Contact Lisa for more info.

Matthew, male, 2 ½, is listed as having CHD, VSD, complex heart condition. He is able to do lots of things, stack objects, throw balls and understand simple instructions. The orphanage staff says he is a very smart and cute boy. He can be shy with strangers but will warm up quickly if they are friendly. Matthew has already undergone heart surgery and has recovered well. He is a sensitive child who needs more care.

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Ruby, female, 9 is listed as having limb, trunk deformity and language delay. Ruby has been delayed in her language development but has made great improvement in this area. Because of this she has gained confidence and has a ready smile. She is described as easygoing, loving, passionate, and ready to help others. She likes running, jumping, swinging and riding a bike. She attends school now and enjoys it and continues to gain new skills. She is a part of a Love without Boundaries education program and they report that she is doing very well.

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Luke, male, 36 months, is post operative Lumbosacral Meningocele. He is described as an active, clever, perservering and very happy boy who loves to play with toys. His caretakers say he loves to play with blocks, build towers and laugh when they fall down. They say he is very funny and curious boy who is not afraid of strangers. Post surgery he has been working on walking and has been in therapy every afternoon and can walk while holding he handrails or with one hand held. This little boy is in need of loving family that can further help him develop and grow.

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Robert, male, is 2. His special needs are post-op spinal meningocele, post-o ventriculo-peritoneal shunt. Robert is an active child with a ready smile. He enjoys learning with his nannies, playing with balls, sharing his toys, and coloring. He is able to communicate well with others and is actively engaged in all activities. He is described as sensible, cute and obedient with a strong curiosity. He has already undergone a successful surgery.

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Alex, male, 22 months, has complex CHD. He is described as a cute and active boy who is timid. He can be frightened by loud noises but enjoys being soothed by his caretakers. He is interested in books with bright colors and pictures and likes being in the rocking chair. Because of his complex CHD he has some weakness and therefore has some delayed motor skills. He is in need of a loving family that can help get him the medical care he needs so he can grow into a strong young man.

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