waiting child highlight: Oh, those boys!

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Many people not familiar with China adoptions are surprised to find out that approximately 75% of children waiting to be adopted in China are, in fact, boys. There are many factors that have caused this staggering number of boys to wait…some of them for a really long time. As the mom of 3 amazing boys, that saddens me. Yes, boys can be stinky, loud, rambunctious, grocery-eating machines! But they can also be compassionate, loyal, protective and hilariously funny! Yep…those stinky boys totally have my heart!

Brayden, born November 2012, is a quiet little boy, but he loves listening to music! You can hear him laugh out loud, especially when playing with toys that make sound. He is a good sleeper, and has begun to have other food with his milk at meal times.

Photo 2

As of September 2013, he could raise his head while lying on his stomach and roll over on his own. He could pick up small objects like beans, reach for toys beyond his grasp, and pass a toy from one hand to the other. He would also turn when his name was called, and express “no”. He was able to differentiate between strangers and caretakers, and react appropriately to adults’ facial expressions. Brayden was born with a cleft lip on one side, but no cleft palate, and a heart condition. He also has one eyelid that droops.

Photo 3

Ezra, born May 2008, is outgoing little boy with a great smile! He can be a little shy in front of strangers though. He was born with a difference in one leg, but he can stand without support, and moves himself around easily by jumping on one foot while using his hands to push off the ground.

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He has excellent language skills, and can ask questions and express his needs. He has been attending classes at the orphanage, and gets along well with other kids, though he’s occasionally stubborn. He likes watching cartoons and playing on the swings. WACAP staff saw Ezra in 2011, so there are many extra photos and videos of Ezra!

There is a $4000 grant available to a qualified family that chooses to use WACAP to complete Ezra’s adoption.

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For more information on Brayden and Ezra, please contact the NHBO Advocacy Team or email Lindsey at WACAP. What a joy these boys will bring to a very special family!

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