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Two precious children – who don’t even have a specific special need – waiting for their forever family to find them. Both are on WACAP’s designated list and have a $2000 grant for qualified families.

Juliet, born April 2002, can be a little shy in unfamiliar settings, but once you get to know her she warms right up! She is talkative with people she knows, and loves to share her unique opinions on things.


She is attending school, and her handwriting is neat and beautiful, however, she does have trouble focusing in class sometimes. Caregivers feel she is smart, but sometimes “tunes out.” She does keep up in class, and is learning more and more Chinese characters, and doing well in math. Though her test scores aren’t the best, she finishes her homework on time. She is independent in daily life, and hasn’t had any major illnesses.


Elliot, born May 2005, is a bright and clever boy, who laughs often and gets along well with other children. He is attending primary school, where he has learned to write more than 50 Chinese characters and do addition and subtraction within 50. He was found at two months old, and sent to a foster family in December 2006.


A sensible and obedient boy, he often helps his foster parents with chores. As a baby he only liked sweet food, but his tastes have expanded, and he’s no longer a picky eater, enjoying rice, noodles, and all kinds of meat and vegetables. Though his file initially listed a diagnosis of repaired cleft lip, an update from earlier this year clarified that he was not born with cleft lip! He fell in March 2007 and split his lip; his foster parents put medicine on it and it healed in a few days, but left a scar. He is considered otherwise healthy.


For more information on Juliet or Elliot, please contact the NHBO Advocacy Team or email WACAP.

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