A Summer’s Day


Childhood in summer. Unique for each kid, but much the same. It’s giggles, all day PJs, Crocs and popsicles. Children meeting, then heading out into the sunshine hand in hand as easy friends. The sun offers a special freedom. One of our recent summer days had notable stats: 1 water park, 4 mommas, 18 kids, […]

what we’re reading links: 7.22.2014


From the last few weeks, some good stuff we’ve read that relates to adoption and/or parenting a special needs child. As always, if you’ve read or written something you think would be a good addition to a future What We’re Reading post, we’d love to hear about it. To share a blog post or news […]

Find my Family: Dexter


All it takes is one photo to cut you to your very core, and little Dexter’s photo has done just that for many. This photos, some of his newest, show a little boy whose round face has given way to noticeable weight loss, his kissable lips, dry and cracked and his intense eyes now show […]

The OhOh Song

Singing "oh oh" at the beach

Like all toddler/preschoolers my boy can be a bit obsessive about things from time to time. He frequently will not leave the house without a random “object of necessity”…a pillowcase, a can of mushrooms, a toothbrush AND a Bible, the vacuum cleaner (he may have been commenting on the state of the car with that […]

waiting child highlight: Lifeline


Please take a moment to view the 12 children highlighted below. Lifeline has many children waiting to find their forever families. If you would like additional information on any of these children or a child you see on Lifeline’s website, please any of the Lifeline social workers listed below. Eli – male, 1 ½ years […]

Quiet Times: And on the seventh hour, we rested…

Sam: That mid-day smile says “You may be tired, mom.  But I am not.”

We are on the verge of a major transition in our home. For the last 14 years, we have had at least one child who needed an afternoon nap. In recent weeks, it is becoming clear that our youngest, Sam, may no longer need one. As my three-year-old transitions into a big-boy schedule, we are […]

waiting child highlight: WACAP

photo 3 (1)

Oh the cuteness of these sweet little ones! Taylor, born October 2012, was found at one month old. He was sent to a foster home in December 2012 where he developed well. By November 2013, he could crawl quickly, can stand while holding onto something, and pick up small items with his thumbs and fingers. […]

Find my Family: Joseph


Joseph is JOYFUL! Can’t you see? Every picture seems to capture the way his whole face lights up when he smiles! Joseph recently turned 5 years old. He is active, extroverted and energetic. The fact that he is a happy boy and gets along well with others has been notated in his file more than […]

Diagnosed… And then Rediagnosed… And Then…


In 2010 we saw an adorable picture of a little girl with a sucker in her mouth! She immediately caught my attention. Her eyes looked straight into mine and they were calling out for a Mommy and a Daddy. I read her short bio and the word cancer was in there. I immediately said to […]

Cora’s story


Twenty-three years ago she made her mother-in-law angry. Cora had just given birth to her first child, a daughter, and the news did not bring any celebration into the household. Her husband’s mother was angry; the older woman fumed and refused to hold her new granddaughter. As the weeks past she finally agreed to hold […]